Welcome to our restaurant!!


Tempura Restaurant TENCHU
Address: Crossing Mikage & Higashioji St. toward to the West
Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi 606-8215 Japan
TEL/FAX: 81-75-721-8107

Open : 12:00-21:00
Closed : Every Monday, The second and third Monday and Tuesday
Available seats: 8
Parking: 1 (Please ask us.)

10 minutes walk from DEMACHIYANAGI station (Keihan Line)
5 minutes walk from MOTOTANAKA station (Eizan Line)

5 minutes walk from MOTOTANAKA bus stop (Kyoto-shi bus)
(From KYOTO station, take No.206 bus via Gion for about 40min)
(From SHIJYO KAWARAMACHI, take No.3 or 31 bus for about 20min)

How to access:
*At the crossing Higashioji & Mikage St., go toward the west on Mikage st,
you will see a supermarket(SEISENKAN) firstly and liquar shop(ASAO SAKETEN) on your left,
and then you will find our restaurant's sign. Then, turn left.

*From the DEMACHIYANAGI station, go to the north on Kawabata St. along the Takano River about 150m
you will see the police office(SHIMOGAMO-SHO) on your right, then turn right at the next crossing,
and go straight until crossing over a railroad grade. Turn the left way and go straight about 100m.
You will see a liquar shop(ASAO SAKETEN) and our restaurant's sign, then, turn right.


Tendon \1,300-
Tenjyu \1,600-
Anago Tenjyu \1,600-
Kakiage Tenjyu \1,700-

Yanagawa-nabe Teishoku \2,000-
Anago-nabe Teishoku \2,000-

Service Tempura Teishoku \1,300- <Only 12:00-14:00,Weekday>
(Tempura, Takiawase, Rice, Miso soup) *Rice Free-second helping 

<Course meal>
Tempura Omakase A Course \3,500-
(Tempura, Tsukuri, Chawanmushi, Rice, Miso soup, fruits) *Rice Free-second helping

Tempura Omakase B Course \3,300-
(Tempura, Tsukuri, Sunomono, Rice, Miso soup) *Rice Free-second helping

Tempura Kaiseki \5,000-
(Tempura, Tsukuri, Chawanmushi, Sunomono, Takiawase, Tsukidashi, Rice, Miso soup, Fruits) *Rice Free-second helping

Tempura Omakase Mini Course \2,000-
(Tempura, Takiawase, Rice, Miso soup) *Rice Free-second helping

From owner

Thank you very much for your accessing our internet website.
We always try to have our best heartful service to you.
We serve all Tempura (except Donburimono) freshly-fried directly to you through the counter table.
You can eat a hottest and delicious Tempura at our restaurant.
We are looking forward to your coming.