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 (Since 11/28/2004)

 "Cell_Jong" is free mah-jong Game that used "MicroSoft EXCEL" 的免費的麻將遊戲.
 Here is a formal WEB site of the mah-jong game "Cell_Jong" of popular. 
  Feature of "Cell_Jong" "Cell_Jong"的特徴
the mah-jong game "Cell_Jong"大受歡迎的麻將遊戲 ・"Cell_Jong" can play while working by using "Screen like working".
・It is possible to play mah-jong with the woman secretary by using "OfficeAssistant" function of "EXCEL".
(Only when "EXCEL" of Japan is used, the woman secretary can select it. )
A lot of customizing functions can be used.
  News flash !! 特別報道!

Japan Media Art Festival

Cell_jong was selected to "Entertainment section"  of "Japan Media Art Festival".
"Cell_jong"推薦作品入選了! "Japan Media Art Festival"的"娯樂部門"

Japan Game Awords 2006

Cell_jong won Japan Game Awords 2006,
an excellent prize of Indies section !
"Cell_jong"獲獎了榮譽有的Japan Game Awords 2006,Indies部門・優秀獎!
  Appearance finally!  It is a mah-jong game that uses WorkSheet of Excel! It is possible to play while working!
  終於登場! 是使用了Excel的WorkSheet的麻將遊戲!在工作中能玩!
- "Feature 1" It is possible to play while  working!
- 「特徴那個1」工作中能玩!

There is no problem if "Mode when being working" is used even if your superior peeps into the screen.
In addition, if you use a detailed edit function … It is very good!
(PassWord necessary "5bedit")
And, it is possible to switch to the mode while the menu panel also is working!
It is possible to play while working!工作中能玩!
- "Feature 2" It is possible to play with "OfficeAssistant"!!
- 「特徴那個2」"OfficeAssistant"能玩!!

"Cell_Jong" is the only EXCEL-VBA game of the world with woman secretary's
"SAEKO" to be able to play mah-jong!
Taking off of woman secretary clothes by ending, "SAEKO and ardent mode".
The dog and the dolphin are the chats. "SAEKO and pleasant companions mode".
You can select two modes!
It is possible to play with "OfficeAssistant"!!能玩!!
- "Feature 3" Various functions!
- 「特徴 那個3」各種各樣的機能!

Customizing function of effect sound and background! It is possible to customize it to the image and the music file of your favor!
There are a lot of items like the character etc! of the arrangement of color and the computer that can be set!
Please customize it to only your "Cell_Jong"!
Small screen function to support old monitor! With function of display on the foremost side!
Score calculation function to do point calculation by automatic operation!
"Cell_Jong" has a lot of other customizing functions!
Various functions!各種各樣的機能!
  The latest version download 最新版下載
 "Cell_Jong the latest version download"
The latest version download (Japanese version) 
"Cell_Jong 最新版下載"
最 新 版 下 載 !    (  日 語 版  ) 
"Cell_Jong" of a Korean version can be downloaded here. 韓語版的"Cell_Jong",從這邊能下載!
Korean version "Cell_Jong" official download page 韓語版"Cell_Jong"正式下載頁 
  I'm looking for the person who translates "Cell_Jong" of an English version or a Chinese version.
  Please contact me with E-mail. (Please E-mail in Japanese)
  Correspondence "Excel" version 對應"Excel"的版本
 It operates by Excel 2000 and 2002 and 2003 and 2007.
 Excel 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 做動作。
  Production and writing Gen Muto 製作・著作 Gen Muto
 E-Mail gengengen@yahoo.co.jp
 In this site, the link is free.
Q1. Download doesn't start even if "Download" is clicked.
A1. Download is temporarily stopped for Windows XP SP2 by "Information bar" function. If "Cell_Jong is downloaded" in the download page that opens in another window is clicked, it is possible to download it.
Q1. 單撃「下載」,下載也無用
A1. Windows XP SP2場合,用SP2機能一時地下載被停止。新打開的下載頁的如果單撃「下載"cell_jong"」能下載。
Q2. The downloaded file doesn't open it.
A2. In the download file, it is compressed by the LZH form, and the decompression tool is needed for the decompression.In the defrosted folder, there is a file named CelJong_verxxx.xls (xxx is a version number) and execute it, please.Especially, it is not necessary to work about the installation.
Q2. 下載的文件不開。
A2. 下載文件以LZH形式被壓縮,解凍變得需要解凍工具。解凍了的文件夾中,有"CelJong_verxxx.xls"這個文件。("xxx"版本號碼)實行那個。特別安裝的工作沒有必要。
Q3. The message of Excel appears when "Cell_Jong" is started.
A3. When it starts opening the file including VBA by default, the security setting of Excel confirms whether to keep effective by the dialog. In that case, please select VBA in effectively.
Q3. 實行"Cell_Jong"的話EXCEL的消息出來。
A3. EXCEL的安全性設定默認,打算打開含有VBA的文件的話對話確認有效不做。那個情況,選擇「有效VBA」。
Q4. The error message comes out when the game begins.
A4. It puts out, it started or there is a possibility where the file is insufficient besides the folder that defrosts the main body program of "Cell_Jong".Please confirm whether it is possible to begin to play a game by downloading it again. In that case, please confirm whether the setting of the decompression tool is " Defrost with the directory" setting also.
Q4. 開始遊戲的話錯誤信息出。
A4. 是不是發出到解凍了"Cell_Jong"的實體程序的文件夾外邊使之實行了,有文件不足的可能性。是不是再次下載能遊戲開始請確認。那個時候,解凍工具的設定成為「目録付解凍」設定共計請確認。
Q5. When opening next, it returns an initial value though the setting of "Cell_Jong" is changed. I want to preserve a set content.
A5. A set content can be preserved by "Cell_Jong" by the following five methods.
 1.The saving function of "Cell_Jong" is made effective. >> 
     A set content when the game interrupts is preserved.
 2.The content of the edit is preserved by the detailed edit function. >> 
     A set content when the edit content is preserved is preserved.
 3.The data conversion function is used and preserved. >> 
     A set content of an old data conversion is preserved.
 4.The customizing function of the effect sound and the background is used and preserved. >> 
     A set content when the effect sound and the background are customized is preserved.
 5.The superscription preservation is executed from the file menu of Excel. >> 
     A set content when the superscription is preserved is preserved.

 It is a setting not preserved when the game is ended by setting default in "Cell_Jong".
 However, there is especially no problem even if the file is preserved in the superscription.
Q5. 變更"Cell_Jong"的設定,其次也打開了的時候初期返回著到設定。想保存設定内容。
A5. "Cell_Jong"要保存設定内容,有以下的五個方法。
  1.有效"Cell_Jong"的保存機能。 >>遊戲中斷時的設定内容被保存。
  2.用詳細編輯機能保存編輯内容。 >>編輯内容保存時的設定内容被保存。
  3.使用數據移動機能保存。 >>舊數據移動時的設定内容被保存。
  4.使用效果聲音・背景的顧客的機能保存。 >>效果聲音・背景的顧客的時候的設定内容被保存。
  5.自Excel的文件菜單實行寫在上面的字保存。 >>寫在上面的字保存時的設定内容被保存。
Q6 ."Cell_Jong" goes out of the screen. It cannot be a selection to which my tile is not displayed.
A6."Cell_Jong" must use a small screen mode.

Q7. "Cell_Jong" is terribly slow.
A7. Because "Cell_Jong" uses the VBA of Excel, operation is slower than general mah-jong games. Recommended spec is Pentium3 1GHz or more.
Q7. "Cell_Jong"非常非常慢。
A7. 因為"Cell_Jong",利用Excel的VBA機能,比普通的麻將遊戲動作慢。推薦環境是Pentium3 1GHz以上。
Q8.The menu toolbar of Excel wants not to be displayed, and to return it.
A8.Such a phenomenon might happen uncommonly when the termination is not neatly done. It is possible that Excel was canceled as the cause. "Cell_Jong" is started again, and it ends as it is. The displays other than the toolbar return to the origin.Please select "Display" and "Toolbar" from the menu of Excel, and return it to the toolbar usually used.
Q9.I want to delete "Cell_Jong".
A9.Please delete the compression file of the downloaded LZH form. Please delete CelJong_verxxx (Xxx is version No) defrosted folder of each folder. Especially, it is not necessary to work about uninstallation.

Q10. After the message appears, the game progress becomes strange. It differs from the rule of the mah-jong.
A10. "Cell_Jong" has the limit in the test play for the software privately developed. There is a possibility that is the bug when these phenomena appear. Please contact me.
Q10. 消息出來了之後,遊戲進行變得異怪。與麻將的規則有差異。
A10. "Cell_Jong",因為在個人開發的軟件試驗玩兒有界限。如果這些的現象呈現了,有作為錯誤的可能性。請聯絡。
  Others 其他
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Moreover, the author doesn't take the responsibility for the trouble because of the use of this software at all.

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