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Veerraphol destroys Tatsuyoshi to take bantamweight crown

tats-dwn.jpg (9670 バイト)WBC bantamweight champion Joichiro Tatsuyoshi failed to defend his belt by being defeated by 5th-ranked challenger Veeraphol Nakornluang Promotion of Thailand over a TKO in the 6th round on December 29, 1998 at Osaka, Japan.  It was Tatsuyoshi's third defense of the title that was obtained in November of 1997.  Veeraphol succeeded in obtaining his second world title in the bantamweight division following the WBA belt in 1995. 

Tatsuyoshi started off with fast left jab and smooth footwork. However, cool-headed Veeraphol threw a sharp right cross to the champion's head. In the 2nd round, Tatsuyoshi aggressively pounded Verraphol with his vaunted left hook to the body and straight right to the head.

From the 3rd round on, Veeraphol clearly took lead with his crisp and accurate jab that made Tatsuyoshi's mouth bleed in the 4th round. Thai challenger accelerated his offensive in the 5th by pounding Tatsuyoshi with quick straight right to the head. Tatsuyoshi tried hard to draw the tide to his side, but most of his blows hit the air.   

Half way through the 6th round, Verraphol hit Tatsuyoshi hard with a straight right that made the champion's leg wobbly. Verraphol followed up with a left hook that sent Tatsuyoshi to the canvas.

tats-ko.jpg (7681 バイト)Tatsuyoshi immediately beat the count in the first knock down, but he ended up absorbing a barrage of Veerraphol's combination blows. After a dozen of accurate punches thrown by Veeraphol, the referee stepped in to stop the fight while Tatsuyoshi falling down to his back. Verraphol regained a world title over a TKO win at 2 minutes 52 seconds in the 6th round.

It was the first time for Tatsuyoshi to be knocked out flat on the canvas in his whole career. Tatsuyoshi suffered his fifth loss, falling to 17-5-1(12 KOs). Veeraphol improved his record to 21-1 (15 KOs).

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