Subsistence cannot exist without feminism
- What we learned from criticism to Ivan Illich -    Hiromi Sakakibara

GAD and Developmentalism-Colonialism         Mieko Fujioka

The Characteristics and Contemporary Implications of American Nationalism
                                 Kensaburo Shinkawa

Bearing Half the Sky: The Quest for Peace Amidst Gender Stereotypes
- Philippine Women's Experience/Perspective -
    Trelly A. Marigza

Gender Situation in the Philippines 2004    Trelly A. Marigza

Together in Chains: Can Enslaving Manacles be Turned to Solid Ties of Solidarity?
                                 Reuel Norman 0. Marigza

The Social Background and Internal Anxiety of "Gender Backlash"
                                  Yoshiko Kanai

The "Tribal Daces" Controversy : A Case Study of the pueblos in the Southwest    
                                  Yumiko Mizuno

A sense of change in Grassroots Communication:
A case study of a People's Religious Event in Negros Occidental, Philippines
                                  Akira Hirai

A List of Recorded Video Programs regarding Gender and Peace Studies

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