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If you are interested in contacting other Muehleisens, please go to the Yahoo group called The Muehleisen Family Name.

Muehleisen Contact Information

Last updated:November 11, 2004.

All of the people below have a Muehleisen somewhere in their family, and they agreed to have their names and information posted on this web site. Most also wished to have their e-mail addresses listed so that they can be contacted directly by other Muehleisens. I'm no longer updating this web site, however.

Theodore Muehleisen
I'm Ted Muehleisen, Sandy's brother. I'm actually Theodore Jr. but I prefer Ted. I was born and raised in Trenton and am now living in Yardville, NJ which is East of Trenton. I am 65 years old and retired from the telephone company in 1991 after 30 years. I presently work part time for the State of New Jersey. I have a son Tom and 2 step-daughters Sandy and Jackie and 6 grandchildren. I enjoy surf fishing, golf and woodworking. I met Maury Muehleisen's parents once a very long time ago. As my sister told you, my father left when we were very young and we never got to know any of the Muehleisen side of the family. I would very much like to converse and possibly meet some of the Muehleisens.
Sandy Muehleisen I am Sandra (Sandy)ÊMuehleisen, and originally from Trenton, New Jersey. Maury Muehleisen was my first Cousin. His Father is my Father's Brother. Maury's Sister Mary has been emailing me, and she sent me this website. I never really knew much about the Muehleisen family. My Father, Theodore Muehleisen and my Mother Lillian Goodwin Muehleisen divorced when I was about 4 yrs. old. I have one Brother Theodore Muehleisen of Yardville, N.J. and my Half Sister Sharon Dekov of Colorado, and my Half Brother Tom of California. In fact I've just seen Sharon's name on your website and I plan to write to her. We have never met but have spoken on the phone quite a while back. Please include me on your Muehleisen web page.
Sharon Dekov
My maiden name is Sharon Muehleisen and I live in Thornton Colorado. I was born on July 4th, 1948 at Fitzimons hospital in Aurora, Colorado. My dad was Theodore Muehleisen married to my mom Helen. They divorced when I was 4 years old and we never heard from our father Theodor. I have a brother Tom Muehleisen who lives in California. The only Muehleisen's we kept in touch with when I was growing up was my Aunt Freida in NJ who kept us informed about Maury Muehleisen the musician in the family I have a half brother Ted Muehleisen and sister Sandy Muehleisen. I have never met them and had just found out they we were related about 8 years ago. Ted is retired and lives in NJ and I am not sure where Sandy lives.
I too am descended from Johann Jacob Muehleisen whose wife was Anna Ottila. Taking one of their sons John Phillip Miliron and moving forward to his son John David Milliron and then to one of his sons Phillip Henry Miliron, you arrive at my greatgrandfather Luke Milliron. His wife was Sarah Klingensmith whosefather was killed at Gettysburg. Most of my relatives lied in the Pittsburg area or northward to the New York state line. I have information concerning the above mentioned families.
My name is Tricia and I have been working on my family history and found this web page. My great grandmother was Hattie Adessa Milliron and her father was Sylvester R. Milliron. I have discovered that the family comes from Germany. Johann Jacob Milliron/Muehleisen. They came to the United States in 1755 on the ship Patience. I have been trying to find any pictures of this family. If anybody may know of any pictures and where I might be able to find them I would appreciate the help. I would also like to meet and talk to anyone who may be related.
Jeff Zarend
New Ipswich, NH
I have (Muehleise / Muehleisen)'s in my family tree from the Monroe Michigan / Toledo Ohio area. My data can be seen at Click on Genealogy.

I'm interested in tracing the SIBLINGS & PARENTS of Kate (married Conrad Zarend) & Carolina Muehleisen from Monroe, Michigan.

Robert Bejgrowicz
North Hollywood, California

Robert says that his mother's maiden name was Muehleisen. He's trying to find out more, so drop him a line.

Roberta Dagen

Roberta writes: My name is Bobbi Dagen---my mother's maiden name was Muehleisen. Her family started in Philadelphia, Penna. then moved to Lancaster, Penna somewhere around 1923. Unable to find any concrete info. Raised by her g-parents; Edward and either Anna/Nancy( Sexton). If there is a common thread I sure would like to find it.

Mark Meehleis
Lodi, California

Mark writes: Our family name was changed by my Great Grandfather Kaspar Muehleisen born 5/30/1875 when he immigrated to the US from Kitzengen, Bayern, Germany. The story is that at the time of his immigration (1890's)Germans were not accepted so he changed it to Meehleis to find work. My Great Uncle Ted Meehleis has long said that the name meant Iron Mill and it was interesting that you confirmed it.

Eric Milliron

Eric writes: My name is Eric Milliron (Muehleisen) and have an anglicized German name. The first of my family in America was "Johann Jakob Muehleisen" and he arrived in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania in year 1750 on the ship "Patience". He lived in eastern Pennsylvania until he and his family moved via pack horse (1768) over the Forbes Road to the Pennsylvania-German (Pennsylvania Dutch) settlement of Hempfield near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Several of his sons were gunmakers of the Pennsylvania long rifle.

This information was received in January 2003.

Bob Muehleisen
Toledo, Ohio

Bob writes:
  1. There is a Muehleisen Rd. on SE Michigan just outside of Monroe. I have attached some photos. (Click here for photos of the road sign and of Muehleisen road). Amazingly, I discovered this road just about 10 miles from my home in Toledo.
  2. The best selling sandwich is on the campus of the US Naval Academy in Annapolis is, you guessed it, the "Muehleisen." It seems that one Bill Ferguson, who runs an eatery on the USNA campus, needed a name for the sandwich he created which uses a Bavarian soft pretzel roll in lieu of a bun. He looked no further than his wife, Sue Muehleisen, for the inspiring name. Since, the sandwich has outsold the next best seller by a 4:1 margin. I have tasted this sandwich, made by Messr. Ferguson himself, who is my brother-in-law, and can personally attest to its tastiness.

Carl Muehleisen
Trenton, New Jersey

Carl writes: My great grandfather. Frederick Muehleisen, hails from Augsburg, Germany. I'm told there was at least one Muehleisen on the faculty of Augsburg University, a music professor.
Gene Muehleisen
Gene writes: My father was Eugen Muehleisen from a suburb of Heidelberg, Germany. He was the 13th child. His sister Eugenia died during the Spanish influenza epidemic in 1918. He was born in 1902 and emigrated to the US in 1928. He settled in New Britain, CT. One year later my mother arrived and they were married. I was born in 1932, and am the only child of the marriage. Two of my father's brothers settled in Hornell, NY. The eldest, Maximillian, had four sons: Max, Herbert, Heinz and Jack. The other brother, Joseph, had no offspring. All four of Uncle Max's boys have had children... I now live in East Texas in a small town named Hallsville. I will welcome communication that will gain information for me or for the correspondent. This information was received in September 2002.

Daniel Paul Muehleisen
Kennewick, WA
I am also a Muehleisen. My father was born and raised in Lancaster, PA. His name was Jacob Daniel Muehleisen. He was born on November 22, 1917. My grandfather's name was Paul Muehleisen, Grandmother Rosie. I know from stories my dad told me that his mother and sisters and brothers were killed when he was around 2 in a train wreck. He graduated at Franklin & Marshall. From there he went into the military where he served 22 years and retired in 1972. In 1970 Maury Muehleisen visited us and dad said he was a relative, but I can't remember how. Well, I would be glad to write anyone who knows about my dad.

Kim Muehleisen
San Francisco

Kim writes:...our family tree starts somewhere in Stuttgart too. We are direct decendants from Alois(?) Muehleisen who fought in the expansionary wars in the 1400's, and was awarded a family crest. My sister found out this when doing a family tree project in grade school (1980). She is still interested in geneaology today.

Anyhow, I'm Kim (Jan.12, 1969*SF)...she's Allison(May 10, 1971*Oregon) and my aunt is Beverly(Nov. 29, 1936*San Mateo, CA)... I am now writing this email from her computer! My father who passed last March was Ellwood, Jr.(Nov. 18, 1938*San Mateo, CA). Our relatives are mostly in California; San Diego having the most concentration. We have two cousins in the book of "Who's Who"...Gene, he was head of the California State Peace Officers and later head ranger at Yosemite. And Bud Muehleisen, he essentially made raquetball a household name, and won several championships in the '70s. Also, another cousin was a guitarist for Jim Croce, and helped write "Big Bad Leroy Brown." He died in the plane crash along with Jim.

Victoria Muehleisen

(creator of this page!)
I don't know much about my family background, but I can tell you that my father, Terry Ralph Muehleisen, was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1935. He died in 2000. His father, Ralph Muehleisen, also lived in Milwaukee, but I don't know anything about his family. The only other Muehleisens I know are all in my immediate family. In Wisconsin, there are my mother Ardis Muehleisen, my brother Mickey Muehleisen and his son Brandon Muehleisen and in Oak Park, just outside of Chicago, there are my other brother Ralph Terry Muehleisen, his wife Sally Laurent-Muehleisen, and their daughter Alexandra Muehleisen. Those of you searching on the internet may have already come across them on various web sites. I also have two web pages, one personal and one professional.