Welcome to Caribou Creek Guest Ranch, North Idaho.
Welcome to Caribou Creek Guest Ranch, North Idaho, USA

Caribou Creek Guest Ranch, Owner: Wm. David Oliver, Address: P.O.Box.2447, Sandpoint, Idaho, 83864, USA
TEL: 1-208-255-5901, FAX: 1-208-255- 5816,
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Here are some excerpts from some of our wonderful guest's comments.
We hope to see yours soon.

I could have a very nice experience by this trip. Before I rode the horse, I had a negataive feeling toward horses. But I really enjoyed riding horses in the beautiful nature and I came to like horses by this trip. I really appriciate this trip because I could finally find in Sandpoint a special wine opener that I have looked for for a long time.
David's English is very intelligible and understandable for me. I could enjoy conversations with him. Naomi was an indispensable person for me who could nonchalantly translate English which I could not understand and she made delicious food. I hope I can come back here with my mother again next time.
Thank you so much.
Takako B.

Thank you so much for your warm hospitality and kindness. I was really happy that I could make new friends while I was there. I was so surprised that I could see the moose in itfs rut.The weather was so good and I enjoyed canoeing in beautiful Sandpoint and the autumn of Idaho.  What I enjoyed most was the happiness of riding a horse. Gold panning in Montana was great and I could meet such nice people there and find beautiful gold. I also enjoyed shopping and the winery. I hope many people visit the Caribou Creek Guest Ranch where has each season has itfs own beautiful scenery. Ifll always remember the sound of the distant train whistle in the quiet night, a sky full of stars, the wild animalsc Thank you again.
Akimi K. (Business woman/Homemaker)

Thank you so much. I had a good time and lots of memories.
When I went canoeing I could take beautiful photos of the red and yellow autumn leaves. When I went to gold panning I need to be patient so I got gold. Thanks to you,
I 'm rich. I enjoyed hoseback riding with its panoramic views. Naomi's cooking was very good and I ate a lot. The morniing air in Idaho was very confortable and at night the stars almost fell on me. I could see wild animals and the nature in Idaho was very beautiful so I could be refeshed. I want to visit again in summer.
Junko W. (Business woman)

I had a lot of valuable experiences I couldn't buy with money, and I couldn't have experienced in Japan. It was the first time I rode a horse. I was impressed, and I enjoyed that very much. I had many wonderful experiences and was impressed by many things. I hope many people will also enjoy these valuable experiences like me. I want to come back again.
Chiharu T. (Business woman)

I had a wonderful time and nice memories.
Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you !
See you again.
Ikuko I. (Business woman/Homemaker)

I had a wonderful time. I had many new experiences, new experiences which I had never experienced in my life until now. I will be waiting for a great time when I visit Idaho again.
Keiko I.(College teacher/Homemaker)

The most impressive activity was... oh... I can't decide what was the best..because I could enjoy all of activities during our stay. Especially, I will never forget 'Harrison Lake's scenery and Idaho's scenery when we did horseback riding.
I'd like to visit again soon.
Fukie Y.(Business woman)

Because of your warm hospitality I could enjoy myself. Thank you so much.
When I close my eyes I can still see the beautiful Canadian Rockies and sky, Harrison Lake with it's transparent water, enjoyably looking for gold and horseback riding through fields of wild flowers.
I had a great time! I hope I can come back again.
Sumie K.(Business woman)

Here in Idaho's magnificent nature and with your warm hospitality, I could refresh and heal my mind and body. Thank you so much.
Sanae F.(Psychiatrist/Gynecologist)

Within Idaho's beautiful, peaceful and quiet nature, I could have a great time.
Thank you so much.
Sachihiko T.(Business owner)

I was so lucky I could experience such beautiful nature, warm people and see so many wild animals.
Thank you so much.
Daisuke T.(University graduate)

I had a wonderful time this week. I had many experiences in Idaho. I've never done such activities until this visit. I'm truIy a happy 'Cowgirl'. There are lots of things to do here. I'll absolutely come back again soon!!
Fumi N.(Business woman)


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