Sennenji KinderGarten



  Sennenji kindergarten was established in February, 1951- it was only 6 years after the World War Ufinished.
A lot of people at that time in Japan were disappointed with the lost of families, houses, jobs and so on because of the war. We,however, just wished children to keep a hope to the future, so we established this school to give them dreams.
The number of children on the first year was only 12, and the building was very small and poor. Now, more than 4500 children have already graduated, and the building also has become the latest with the three floors.
There come lots of children whose parents also graduated from SENNENJI. This is that a large number of people are trusting and supporting us. This is our pleasure. We hope the kindergarten runs forever ,and say “thank you” for a lot of people.


  The new school term in Japan starts with April, coming with the cherry blossoms. This is, I think, the most beautiful season in the year. We welcome the fresh children with the full of smile but they, in the first several days, are just crying "mama!! mama!!". This is the most hard time for us, but they understand the environment soon. When they become used to living in the kindergarten, we take them to a big park as a picnic by the school bus. We eat lunch there and play a lot. Everybody enjoy it much.
  We open the swimming pool from July- exactly not swimming but just playing in the water. Children enjoy it very much. We are continuing it until the first week of September.
  The second school term, there are several big educational programs: the sports festival, the exhibition, and so on. Fall is best season for everything to do. We can do a lot of things.
  The end of the year, we make MOCHI which is a kind of Japanese food for the new year. When we make it some SUMO wrestlers come to help us. Children feel very happy as their coming and the wrestlers play with children after MOCHI is made. You can see the picture of them playing with children later.
  A new year comes, and the third school term starts. The third school term is for the preparation for the next new school year. We have the dancing and music presentation in February, this is the final program for the elder children. They will go to the elementary schools from April.
  It is very fast to pass a year, but our life is always filled with a lot of pleasure.


  Post number : 123-0852
  3-3-21 Sekibara Adachi-ku Tokyo
  Telephone number : 03-3887-7000
The kindergarten in located in Adachi-ku which is in the northern area in Tokyo, The nearest railway station is NISHIARAI of TOBU railway which comes from ASAKUSA.
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<Class for 2 years old children>
  Children can enter a kindergarten from 3 years old. That is that the children who were born from 2, April, 1997 to 1, April, 1998 can enter a kindergarten from April in 2001. But we have already prepared for the class for the children who are 2 years old. This class is opened Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, but one child is for one day. You can choose the day from these 4 days.
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