I am updating "Travelog" during my journey.

TAKU is challenging to travel around Europe by "HONDA SUPER CUB".

the south part of Germany [Germany/Luxembourg] (19/10/2001-24/10)
central Europe 3 [Croatia/Slovenia/Austria/Czech Republic] (14/10/2001-18/10)
central Europe 2 [Austria/Slovak Republic/Hungary] (08/10/2001-13/10)
central Europe 1 [Germany/Poland/Czech Republic] (03/10/2001-07/10)
escape to Germany [Lithuania/Latvia] (29/09/2001-02/10)
in Vil'nyus [Lithuania] (22/09/2001-28/09)

Baltic countries [Estonia/Latvia] (16/09/2001-21/09)

revival [Sweden/Finland] (12/09/2001-15/09)
with spirit [Sweden/France/Andorra] (02/09/2001-11/09)
in Stoskholm [Sweden] (29/08/2001-01/09)
with minerals 3 [Sweden] (25/08/2001-28/08)
with minarals 2 [Sweden] (20/08/2001-24/08)
with minarals 1 [Finland/Sweden] (13/08/2001-19/08)
the Arctic Circle 2 [Norway/Finland] (07/08/2001-12/08)
the northern end of Europe [Norway] (01/08/2001-06/08)
the Arctic Circle 1 [Norway] (30/07/2001-01/08)
beginning to go north [Norway] (25/07/2001-29/07)
I'm staying with the Lyckberg. 2 [Sweden] (20/07/2001-24/07)
I'm staying with the Lyckberg. 1 [Sweden] (15/07/2001-19/07)
Leave for North Europe. [Germany/Denmark] (10/07/2001-14/07)
Benelux [Belgium/Holland] (06/07/2001-09/07)
Luxembourg [Luxembourg] (01/07/2001-05/07)

Treatment [France] (23/06/2001-30/06)

Go back to Paris. [France] (30/05/2001-05/06)
Small & Large [Liechtenstein/Switzerland] (23/05/2001-29/05)
The town encircled by Nature. [Switzerland] (17/05/2001-22/05)
Beautiful Switzerland [Switzerland] (14/05/2001-17/05)
A voyage on the Mediterranean Sea (Spring) [Spain] (09/05/2001-13/05)
Stay in Andalucia (The Latter Part) [Spain] (05/05/2001-08/05)
Stay in Andalucia (The First Part) [Spain] (01/05/2001-04/05)
Portugal has memories. (The Latter Part) [Portugal] (25/04/2001-30/04)
Portugal has memories. (The First Part) [Portugal] (21/04/2001-24/04)
I am in Spain. [Spain] (17/04/2001-20/04)
Run through France. [France] (13/04/2001-16/04)
Mistake! [France] (07/04/2001-12/04)
I am getting ready for a journey in Paris. [France] (02/04/2001-06/04)
Madagascar (06/06/2001-23/06)

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