A criminal robed my laptop computer and digital camera in Stockholm!!
Therefore I lost all data and emails.
Please give me email again.

But now, I could buy new ones. I'm staying in Baltic countries.

TAKU is challenging to travel around Europe by "HONDA SUPER CUB".


I usually connect to internet by sound coupler.
This is the most primitive method.
Therefore the speed is very slow (only 9,600bps).
Please don't send image files (such as JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PICT, etc.).
They are too big for me.

I uploaded Madagascar photo gallery.
Please looked at Travelog. You can see Madacascar photo garelly.
You can look at a total eclipse of the sun.

I send a piture postcard.
My journey is broken in at last.
So I write to you during my journey.
Please give me an email or message with your name, address, country and postal code number.

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22/10/2001 Travelog Update (Idar-Oberstein/Germany)
09/10/2001 Travelog Update (Bratislava/Slovak)
19/09/2001 Travelog Update (Riga/Latvia)
12/09/2001 Toppage Update (Uppsala/SWEDEN)
01/09/2001 Travelog Update (Stockholm/SWEDEN)


Who is TAKU?

"HONDA SUPER CUB" is a masterpiece of motercycle.

A route of my journey

I am updating "Travelog" during my journey. <LIVE REPORT!>

Photographs of various places

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