Born in 1942. He studies Kitchen design under Mr. Stan Abrams of ATA in Santa Monica for two and half years between 1976 and 1978. He worked as a lender for basic design expressing and draftsman. hyatt Regency Chicago and Maui were main project through the years. After came back to Japan, Royal Food Corp. Food service facilities design manager was his main status and design over 250units. while working for Royal for seven years. In 1986, he founded T&A. Published "KITCHEN DESIGN EXPRESSED BY PERSPECTIVE SKETCHES" in 1998. Graduated from Hosei University(Law) in 1963.


    Sadami Tsukamoto   

T&A can advice not only about Foodservice Facilities Design but also categories of questions about Foodservice Business.

 Foodservice facilities design for Hotels & Restaurants
 Institutional Foodservice facilities
 Hospitals and Public Facilities Foodservice system
 Renewal and Modifications of The Facilities
 Advices to Menu Planning and Service Operations
 Total Coordination of Restaurant Management
 Serving Lecture for In-Corporate Education program
 Sales Promotion Advices and Activities