Tsukamoto and Associates. inc (T&A) PROVIDES foodservice facilities design with feasibility analysis listed below. Not only creating new design concept for hotels, restaurants, cafeterias ETC but also how to get profit from the project is our most important role as a design consultant. We start design activities after we confidence on the project.


T&A checks the terms for feasibilities of the project when get offered. the location, menus, checks avarage, sakes amount of a day and month and so force should be analyzed to avoid losses from investment. we have adviced a few times to stop moving the project ahead when we analyzed the project would possibly draw losses on the conditions. In house stores such as coffee shops, speciality restaurants, banquet rooms at hotels or chain restaurants operated advised to refine the circumstances.


Good service system are necessary to stand on good basic concept work and facilities design should be done by good work flow without any losses and difficulties. T&A design concept notices a size of kitchen and dining. total balance of the lay-out, precessing flow ETC. And exterior and interior design are also concerned simultaneously to get good matching of kitchen and dining.


After getting good solutions and confidence, we make basic (progressive) design of dining and kitchen. which includes entrance, restroom and employee facilities, evev parking lot lay- out for free-standing restaurant when necessary. A lot of perspective sketches and detail illustrations by Tsukamoto to himself give great understanding and easy imaginations to the client's decision. Sketches on the home pages are kind of the examples.


T&A provides solid-lined final drawings for construction work and foodservice facilities shop drawing after the basic concept has been approved by client. The design package includes Equipment schedule, elevations, plumbing and electrify hook-up plans. Other references are also shown when necessary to explain T&A systems to engineers of the construction field. According to those drawing and detail references, T&A checks the processing the sight work, schedule and coordinate project achievement. Double check of shop drawing for manufacturer and construction sides are also T&A's important work.Inspection is also done by T&A when facilities has been completed. Inconveniences or incorrect assembly will checked and refined as specified.


We need to check how the kitchen work smoothly even after completed. Sometimes by misunderstanding use or sometimes by the gap between planning and actual operation (more customers than expected rush to the restaurant), we need to discuss measures with clients. T&A suggest the ideas to them. Educational and training programs for serving, cooking and sanitation keeping are also served by T&A and associated stuff. T&A arranges the programs and make-up teems for those purpose when requested.


Since Sadami Tsukamoto studied kitchen design in Los Angeles, and lives there for two and half years. he knows about us market and distribution systems very well. So that Mr. Tsukamoto can give advices to the manufacturers and dealers who want to export their items to Japanese market. Questions regarding Japanese market are welcome.

EResearching possibilities whittier your products can be acceptable by Japanese users or not. It not, T&A advices what should be modified or changed to fit to the market.
ESuggesting the most adequate dealer to sell your items in Japan. T&A gives you information how you make up the sales network.
EFinding franchisees to your foodservice systems in the field. When you want to open your restaurant and look for joint ventures in Japan, T&A supports recruiting applications.