Construction work and inspection had been cleared by the end of June, and Hotel opend on July 10th. It does not open to public due to TSK Club menber's use, but all facilities such as buildings, garden, rooms and restaurant keep better grade more than usual commercial hotels.
T&A designed kitchen and foodservice facilities. Nihon Choriki Co, took over the manufacturing and fablications.They kept their eyes on the project to finish the kitchen in good conditions. The kitchen is not big but all details have been finished well. By using Winbock ceiling-exhaust system, we got good air circuration and clear view through the kitchen.
All construction side work went well expect for the negotiations with Hakone Area fire department. They pointed out that anything could not be installed in 24" over the burning devices(range tops). Utensil racks installed 50" Higher than range tops was also ordered removal due to the reason that the pots and pan's handled reached less than 24" when hung. Can you believe this codes? All were made of thick stainless and noting there burned by fire around. Even so, we could not stop some alternative sheet metal work over ranges. we respect codes because codes are codes, but T&A suggest to revise those getting better to utilize the small rooms much usefull.


We already have made basic sketches of conveyor broiler for fast food shops andnhanded to some manufacturers to achieve into actual development. Creating new products request very deep tests and precise engineering to get good result. I confidence in myself because I love good hamburgers and believe the broiler will give us better tasted, better fravored hambergers grilled on fry-tops.
T&A will suggest more new ideas into the market not only broilers but also refrigerators, gas ranges, fryers, salamanders ETC. Those items should clear the standards detarminded by T&A. We hope that users watch on our developing detivities.


This facility is newly bult at the south-west corner in big Tokai University's campas, which has over 600 seatings with two floors. We are maiting the points demanded byoperator of cafeteria.
We realized that the students do not want to seat when table was pccupied ( even 4 seats are vacant of 6-seat table), and most seats are used as sport bags stands ( needs 2 times numbers seating capacities than planned) through the interview with cafeteria operator Fuji Services Inc. And they say most students carry out trays beyond the cafeteria area and eat at meeting areas, student hall and gardens. Therefore collecting and gathering those vacant trays and plates get very heavy over work by the operator. Those must be known planning staff and foodservice consultants. Fuji Services peaple have been making sfforts in those though conditions.


Mr. Tsukamoto made the articles to "The SPORT & HEALTH ( published by the Laboratory of caltual Beaurou of Ministry)" regarding cleanliness of kitches. Main theme was keeping dry the kitchen. Many Japanese foodservice people missunderstand what dry kitchen is and how keep kitchen clean. The articles tell that cleanliness of kitchen requires not onkly drying floor but also good air condition, well-arraged plumbing and well-controlled temperature of the kitchen. Mr. Tsukamoto suggested to change uniforms of kitchen workers from long apron with rubber boots to half-sleeved work ware with sneakers. changing uniforms at first then they shoud change the kitchen that they can work such a simble wares. Food shoud be checked before carring into central kitchen or school cafeteria kitchen. He also suggests to change rulus of food processing proceesses to fit recent food production and distribution systems.
The articles is published on "The Sport & Health" of June issue.
The publishers is:
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