The Executive Link

For a successful conference, thorough planning and coordination are key. Executive Link offers comprehensive coordination for all levels of international conferences, assisting you from preparations through to after action reports. We can also coordinate an extensive corps of volunteers for major events.

œ Interpretation

Acclaimed professionals provide the simultaneous interpretation for international conferences and protocol for formal receptions. Arrangements made for experts to advise on legal, commercial and other contacts. Executive Link provides protection for your privacy.

œ Translations

Translation expertise in diverse fields ranging from academic articles, government documents, technical journals, et al. Estimates available via fax and e-mail.

œ Recording

Feel free to seek more information on general inquiries or our video recording and tape transcript services.

œ Language Classes

For local firms, we provide customized, in-house English improvement programs. Our unique intensive English program format emphasizes audio and verbal skills, seeking marked improvement in short periods.

œ Others

Executive Link works in the continental United States to help arrange company establishments, business operations, import and export arrangements, patent application, and other various commercial activities.

Ÿ For further information, please contact us at: Ÿ
TelF (098) 869 - 9525 FaxF (098) 869 - 9596
HoursF Mon - Fri (9:00-12:00, 13:00-18:00)

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