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Last update : 16 Oct. 2005

Meow and welcome
We thank you so much for coming to Shell's room. We began to live with white Persian "Shell" and six years have already passed. We met her in the pet shop by which we had stopped by chance. My wife (Shell's ma) fell in love with Shell in glancing, and we immediately brought her to our house. However, since then the new problems has not been discontinue. At first, she injured her right eye, and she underwent the operation, and was hospitalized for several days. Secondly she sometimes became cystitis for these last several years. But the biggest problem is that she hate hospital very very very much. She always rages like the end of the world. The physician in charge needs prepare feelings for examination of Shell. (Sorry about it!) However, she is gentle (?) and happy in the house with us. We love her. We hope you visit and enjoy Shell's room, and the circle of friends to be expanded thru the web. Thank you
It renewed on Jan. 2005