President George W. BUSH
United States of America
C/O U.S. Embassy, Japan
1-10-5 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo

April 18, 2002

Dear President BUSH,

Re: Demands concerning the US Military Helicopter Base in Tokyo

We hereby wish to demand that the US military installation "Hardy Barracks" located in Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, which we name Azabu US military Helicopter Base, should be withdrawn.

Workers and residents neighboring the base are threatened their daily life with possible crash accidents and suffered from serious noise trouble. For the past 35 years, we have demanded to withdraw the base and to open a vacant lot thus created to the public. Minato Ward Assembly has adopted its repeated resolutions demanding for the withdrawal of the base. To our great regret, however, the base still exists, and not only for that, its facility is expanded and strengthened. We demand for the withdrawal of the "foreign military base in the capital," which is unprecedented for an independent nation, and to open its land to the people of Japan. This is of vital importance to the equal and friendly relationship between our two nations.

In addition, the site of "temporary heliport" built in Metropolitan Aoyama Park as an extension of "Hardy Barracks" should be returned immediately. The Tripartite Agreement signed by the US Forces, Tokyo Metropolitan government and Tokyo Defense Facilities Administration Bureau in 1983 specifies that this temporary heliport should return to Tokyo after finishing of the construction of Loop 3. Nevertheless, 9 years has passed after ending of the construction, the park is still used as the heliport by your military's convenience. We can't stop feeling strong distrust and anger about this. We strongly demand that this heliport should return to its original as a park immediately in accordance with the said Agreement.

Here is our request:
  1. To withdraw the so-called Azabu US military helicopter base "Hardy Barracks" and to open its land to Japanese people.
  2. In order to eliminate a danger of crash accidents and alleviate sufferings of noise trouble, we strongly request that all pilots and officers belonged to the base should keep following rules;
    1. In order to prevent crash accidents during flight, all safety measures should be taken, and especially, never fly out of permitted zone.
    2. Helicopters should not land and park out of designated point, and should stop engines while standing by. Every possible measure should be taken in order to prevent for spreading noise trouble.
  3. Followings are our urgent requests;
    1. To return the temporary heliport site to the Metropolitan Aoyama Park immediately in according with the Tripartite Agreement, and
    2. Any progress made in the consultation between the Tokyo Defense Facilities Administration Bureau and the US Forces should be kept informed to local residents.
Action Committee to Get Rid of the Hardy Barracks