Give Us Back Aoyama Park!
An Urgent Appeal to the U.S.military,
the Japan Defense Facilities Administration Agency,
  and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government:

Keep your promises!
Make the tempornry U. S. military heliport a pubulic park again!

In Roppongi 7-chome , Minato-ku , right in the heart of Tokyo , there's an American military base that takes up 31, 670 square meters, or nearly eight acres. It's the Akasaka Press Center,the location of the Azabu heliport.
The base is separated by a single fence from the Tokyo Metropolitan Aoyama Park and tbe University of Tokyo's Azabu Campus, home to the university's Institute of Industrial Science and Institute for Solid State Physics. Every day,the thousands of people who live and work nearby suffer from the noise and vibration of the helicopters and are threatened by the very real possibility of a helicopter crash. In August 1983, an agreement was reached by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government,Japan Defense Facilities Administration Agency, and United States Forces Japan regarding the construction of the Roppongi Tunnel beneath the U.S. base. Under this agreement,4,300 square meters of Aoyama Park would be provided temporarily to the U.S. military for use as a heliport during the construction. When the construction was finished , the U.S. military agreed to return the land to its original condition as a public park.
The construction ended and the tunnel was opened to traffic in March 1993 .
That was eight years ago, and the 4,300 square meters of park land are still a military base.
Noisy helicopters continue to take off and land there every day.
The U.S. military says that it needs the extra land for safety reasons. The Defense Facilities Administration Agency says that the U.S. military wants to continue using the land as it is. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government says that it has requested the land's return again and again. . . .
We are not making an unreasonable request. We just want all parties involved to keep their promises, so that children can play in the park and people can play baseball and soccer there once again. After all, the park is supposed to be everyone's.
Eight years of broken promises are too much!

Uniled States Forces Japan:
Return Aoyama Park as you promised!
Defense Facilities Administration Agency:
Make the U. S. mililary keep its promises!
Tokyo Metropolitan Government:
Take Aoyama Park back from the U.S. military!

Spring 1998
Distributed by the Action Committee to Get Rid of the Azabu Heliport