JSparrow Overview

JSparrow Highlights
GLUT support
JSparrow supports following libraries: JSparrow supports not only GL and GLU, but GLUT. GLUT is very popular especially for small to medium sized programs. If you can not use GLUT, you have to change sturucture of programs to adapt Java programing style. JSparrow enables to port the C/C++ OpenGL programs to Java without any structural changes.

See sample program 2 and 3

Generally, it's hard to support callback in java, because Java doesn't support the pointer to function in common meaning. In JSparrow, pinter to function is specified by the "name" and the "object" that has the method. The style is very similar to C.

See sample program 5.

Display Surface
JSparrow supports normal AWT components like Canvas, Frame, Panel, Applet etc. For example, if you use Panel for rendering, you can put other components, such as Buttons, on top of the Panel.

JSparrow also provides special Components for convenience such as OGLCanvas, OGLPanel. If you extends these classes, the source code of the program is much similar to C.

See sample program 1 and 3.

Data Types
Data type matching is very simple and reasonable.

jsparrow.gl Package