Global Computing System

Welcome to my Global Computing System (GCS) Homepage!

My name is Akira Kikuchi and I am the creator of the concept of GCS.
It is a large software system located somewhere on the other side of the net from your web browser. You write a C source program in a CGI textarea field and submit it to GCS. GCS executes the program and sends the result back to you in the form of text or image. The point here is that you can use in your program every sort of conceivable functions.

I started up this project in the fall of 2001 from scratch. I defined that part of the project as phase 1 and set the goal as producing a proof-of-concept model and putting it on the net. The phase 1 model is by no means a practical model.
I exposed the system on the net by creating this homepage in the spring of 2002.

This site consists of 5 sections as shown in the header bar.
ABOUT GCS tells you a little more about the concept.
INTERFACE is simply an html form that consists of a text area field and a submit button.
DESCRIPTION is the user's manual. Not full C language features are implemented in this model. You have to read this before trying out the interface.
EXAMPLES contain C programs and corresponding outputs. You may copy the source text and paste it on the interface for experimentation.

I would like to hear from you how you think about the concept.
After hearing what people say on this, I would like to make a proposal for the phase 2 activity.
As I am asking you for your comment, I would like to introduce myself so that you know what kind of people you are talking with.