Aikido Igarashi Dojo
35th Anniversary

Since 1983

Igarashi Dojo will be celebrating its 35th Anniversary in 2018. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone for continuing to provide us with their warm and gracious support in achieving this milestone.
I had considered putting off any anniversary celebration until the 40th, but I had received some comments like,“Sensei, you’re already getting on in years, so how about celebrating at least every 5 years ? ”from people in Japan and overseas, as well. Due to popular demand, we will be scheduling several events to celebrate our 35th Anniversary.
Many people were dismayed when it was announced that the annual Aikido Igarashi Dojo Camp would no longer be held after 2016. We will have a special camp as part of the 35th Anniversary Celebration. I look forward to seeing all of you for this celebration !

Event Schedule:
May 26th (Sat):All Japan Aikido Demonstration at Nippon Budokan
May 27th (Sun):35th Anniversary Celebration Party (Location TBA)
May 28th (Mon):Training with Meiji University Aikido Club at Meiji University
May 31st (Thu):Special Seminar at Aikikai Hombu Dojo (Instructor TBA)
June 2nd (Sat) − 3rd (Sun):Aikido Igarashi Dojo 35th Anniversary Celebration
Camp at Lake Yamanaka

More information will be posted to by Dec.2017.

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