[Niigata Death Fest ] June 04 2017

Hello there, dear brutal fans,  The time seems fine for a few updates... How about that?  Our latest European & Asian dates were a total success on all fronts; not only we had a blast, playing blast beats for you all, but meeting cool and interesting people, like we did, is what makes the experience always enriching! We would like to specifically give a big, big shout out to Ellen J van Heezen (Snook Bookings), Unnar Sigurðsson & Aðalsteinn Magnússon (Rejkybik Death Fest), Gísli Sigmundsson (Eistnaflug), Gunnar Sauermann, Michael Berberian, Yessica Netto & Willem Van Maele (Season of Mist), Finn Arne Nystad & Ana Ramalho (Car sharing in Iceland), Wildside Tokyo, Masashi & Toshi (No More Pain), Whathayakorn Atipayak (Surrender of Divinity), Ray Swasdiphan (Savage Deity), Sunyaluxx Saengtham (Sick Chainsaws Productions), Thiti Somboonanek (Sickness666 Art), Joe Karjohnkait (Nekro Sadistik Kaos), Erik Cheah (ex-Psychic Scream Entertainment), Ashok Garuda Kumar (Malapetaka), Fadzil Donnut (Musikbox Production), Eric Poh (Street Noise), Calvin Chiang & Fiona Jeremiah (Pulverised) and Alexander Dela Cruz (In Dark Purity zine), without your help and support, nothing of this would have been even conceivable...  Of course, big up to all of you, who came to the shows or whom we have met on the road, your constant support is priceless and sincerely appreciated! Thank you!
Since we returned from touring, we have been spending most of our time working in the studio on our next album, it's been very positive and the recording process has been going very well! You can expect a new album sooner than later, we promise wefll never let you down!  In the meantime, wefre heading to Niigata Death festival next weekend on June 10th(Saturday) at Woody, Niigata. Wefre honor to share stage with our brothers from Gorevent, Desecravity, Rest in Gore, Myocardial Infarction, Deathmostylus and Kongamato. This will probably be, in our humble opinion, one of the best Japanese death metal show ever! Niigata is actually not far from Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka as some may think, and a music festival is always a good excuse to travel a bit right? So be sure to be there... You have been warned... No more excuses!  photo 2017June10Niigata.jpg

[Noise Metal Festival ] November 12 2015

We're very excited to announce our attendance at Noise Metal Festival, the biggest metal festival in Mongolia. The date is 14 November (Saturday). We'll play a new song. Book your airticket now and come to Mongolia!!. It's still not too late. The details is at link below.

 photo 2015Nov14Ulaanbaatar.jpg

[Asia In Crisis tour is over ] June 08 2014

Asia In Crisis tour is over. We are safely back home. Our tour was succeeded and we had a blast during the tour. We would like to thank everyone who came out to our shows, all the bands that we have shared the stage with and all our friends who helped us, especially Joe Henley, Vic Chao, Jack Tung, Alvin Esperanza, Eric Poh, Bret Ong, Fazdil Donuts, Jaie Ramzee, Fairuz Chong Abdullah, Eoforhild Kassandra, Kent Wong, Angel Leung, Paulos Lee, Johnny Lau, Yat Wah Li, Roy Chan, Anita Yau and Thiti Somboonanek. Thank you very much and hope to see you all as soon as possible!

[Asia In Crisis Tour 2014 ] May 01 2014

Our fist tour with new lineup !!
See you at the show !!

05/24 Okinawa,Japan @ Fujiyama
05/29 Taipei,Taiwan @ Jack's Studio
05/30 Quezon,Philippines @ Black King's Bar
05/31 Singapore @ PinkNoize
05/31 Johor Bahru,Malaysia @ Embrace Hall
06/01 Kualar Lumpur, Malaysia @ Black Box
06/02 Hong Kong, China @ Angel's Band House

[Japan Tour 2012 ] Jun 01 2012

We annouce our shows in Japan with Obscura and Beneath The Massacre !!
Come and see us at the show !!

06/12 Tokyo @ Club Quattro
06/13 Osaka @ Club Quattro
06/14 Nagoya @ Club Quattro


[Happy New Year ! ] Jan 01 2012

Happy New Year !!

We have to announce our fans several important updates.
We amicably part ways with drummer Takahiro Okada and bass player Haruhisa Takahata.
Takahiro has decided himself to move on and do other things in life and Haruhisa is now giving his full commitment to his own band. We're grateful for all the time and effort they have put in Defiled past years. We wish them the best and wefre sure theyfll be successful in their paths. Takahiro has already recorded the drum for the upcoming album (12 songs!) and it will be his last work for the band.
So far as recording went well and we hope our album will be done very soon. There's one more update from us. We welcome new members Hiroaki Iwazaki (drummer) and Toshihiro Inagaki (bass player) to the band. They are our long-time friends and we're sure that everything with new lineup work out perfectly. Anyway Defiled will be moving ahead in 2012 and please expect a new album. Thanks for your unchanged support !!!

[Finished European tour with Hate Eternal, Obscura and Beneath The Massacre ] May 31 2011

Back home safely from an European tour. Tour went very well. Crazy 3 weeks. Also we had amazing times in China. Thanks to all the great people we met. See you again. Hopefully soon ! Cheers !

[Tokyo show on March 13 has been cancelled ] March 12 2011

We are very sorry to announce our show on March 13 has been cancelled due to recent huge earthquake in Japan. Please accept our apoligies.

[In Crisis with Obi ] March.01, 2011

We're pleased to announce 2 updates. Firstly, we would like to thank everybody who bought "In Crisis". First pressing has nearly gone in the first 3 weeks and now Season of Mist is preparing for a second pressing. Secondly,"In Crisis" will be released in Japan on April 20 via Marquee/Avalon. The Japanese version of the CD will include a bonus track. Of course that release should be with obi !

[2011 European /U.K. Tour announced ] February.08, 2011

We are very excited to announce our European /U.K. tour with Hate Eternal, Obscura and Beneath The Massacre. Come and see us !!!

04/29 Germany Würzburg @ Posthalle
04/30 Holland Tilburg @ Neurotic Death Fest
05/01 UK Bristol @ The Fleec
05/02 UK Manchester @ Moho Live
05/03 UK London @ Underworld
05/04 Belgium Vosselaar @ Biebob
05/05 France Paris @ Nouveau Casino
05/06 Spain Donostia-San Sebastián @ Sala Mogambo
05/07 Spain A Coruña @ Sala Ola Green
05/08 Portugal Lisbon @ Cine Teatro De Corroios
05/09 Spain Barcelona @ Estraperio
05/10 France TBA
05/11 Switzerland Zürich @ Abart
05/12 Italy Rome @ Blackout Club
05/13 Italy Romano Sesia (Novara) @ Rock N Roll Arena
05/14 Slovenia Ljubljana @ Gala Hala
05/15 Austria Wien @ Arena
05/16 Germany München @ Feierwerk, Kranhalle
05/17 Slovakia Bratislava @ Randal
05/18 Poland Krakow @ Rotunda
05/19 Germany Berlin @ Cassiopeia
05/20 Germany Leipzig @ Theaterfabrik
05/21 Germany Essen @ Turock

[From A To ] Novermer.25, 2010

Our long awaited new album "In Crisis" will be out on Season of Mist on next January 17th, 2011 (January 25th in the US). Check out the cover artwork (Wes Benscoter) and tracklist of the album.

01. From Alpha
02. Lethal Agitator
03. Retrogression
04. Unconscious Slavery
05. Paradoxical Chaos
06. In Crisis
07. Behind You Pray
08. Resentment Without End
09. Intolerant
10. Maze of Nescience
11. Revelation of Doom
12. To Omega

"In Crisis" will be released as a digipak edition limited to the very first pressing. Pre-order "In Crisis" now on Season of Mist's e-shop!

[Album "In Crisis"] October.21, 2010

Seven years after their last collaboration, Season of Mist and DEFILED are joining forces
again! The label is pleased to welcome back the Japanese death metallers in the fold.

"Our long awaited new album, 'In Crisis' is finally at hand", band leader Yusuke Sumita
comments. "Since our previous effort "Divination" (released on Season of Mist in 2003),
SOM have been waiting for a new DEFILED album, so we are very proud to be back home
on Season of Mist, the best label on this planet."

"In Crisis", DEFILED's fourth full-length, has been scheduled for a January 17th, 2011
(January 25th in the US) release. Expect nothing but pure technical & brutal death metal!

[Vietnam venue has been changed !] Oct.01, 2008

October.09(Thu) HO CHI MINH, VIETNAM @ Seventeen Saloon
(not @ Trung Tam Ca Nhac Nhe Sai Gon)
Adress 103A Pham Ngu Lao St., District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Phone (08) 9140007 MAP

[New Lineup, Re-recording for new album, Our first Asian Tour] Sept.12, 2008

Hi there. First off, our apologies for not posting on updates for over a year
since the last. As some of you might have already known, so much had
happened ever since. We've been waiting on a perfect timing for updates,
and now, here we are! There's 3 main things to let you all know now:

First is about our line-up change: We were working on our upcoming album
upon returning from touring Australia, and then South Korea. Shortly after
we started recording back in December 2007, we came to realize that
Takashi, the drummer at that time, was not experienced or with the right skills,
therefore not capable of performing in the way we expected. As the recording
progressed, we also noticed that he was lacking the mind-set to be a part of us.
Regardless, we continued recording with the possible help of latest digital/high-tech
this and that in-mind, so as to avoid causing anymore delays due to the fact that
we had already spent so much time adjusting/correcting his track at this point.
In the spring of 2008, although the recording was almost complete, we were
almost an inch close to postpone the process as we no longer wanted to depend on
high-tech adjusting only to FAKE or fix/fill in the skills that's been missing
in the very first place. Barely before the day of completion, Takashi decided to
call it a day. His untimely departure left us hanging in an awkward situation.
Very fortunately, however, his replacement was found within a week from
this unfortunate event. 23 years young Kyosuke Nakano stepped up the plate
as a trial. We immediately made a decision to work something with him.
Now the re-recording is scheduled to commence very shortly. Once it starts,
we anticipate it to be completed before the year end. We will do
our very best to retain the "raw" and "real" of sound.

Second topic is about this upcoming tour: Although it is not the best-timing for
touring with no new album to promote, we would like to let people know
how our new line-up is in advance. As "a test drive" of this new line-up,
we will do our first Asian tour in this coming October. It's titled
"ASIAN METAL SOLIDIFICATION 2008". The reason behind is -
we have toured & played in Europe & the US many times but still had
no chance to extensively and exclusively do a tour & play in Asian countries.
We are hoping to play in front of just as many Metal Brothers & Sisters
in Asia as we can for our Asia Metal Alliance. Our Metal brothers: Hydrophobia
will join forces with us on this tour. We will play a lot of new songs
as well as old. Come & check us out when we play in your city.

And the last but not least, our new album: We will do our best to get
the new album out in 2009 and play for just as many fans in the world
as we can. Our next news should definitely be about this new album.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of our fans who's been
patiently waiting on our new album for years. We promise we won't
let you down! Thank you for the support as always. We'll see you on tour.

[Got back from Australia and Korea] July.19, 2007

It was the first overseas tour for the current lineup. Most of the dates turned out
very well and we had really good times in both countries. We would like to thank
everyone who supported us. Our special gratitudes go to Don (Death Metal Down
Under ) for Australian dates and all of Doxology for Korean date. We won't forget
your true dedications. Cheers and horns up ! Metal brothers, Domo Arigato !!!

[Venue Change For Canberra date / Seoul, Korea date announced] Jun.23, 2007

The July 05 Canberra date has been moved to Green Room. The former venue was ANU bar.
See you at Green Room, not ANU bar.There's one more update. We will perform in Seoul, Korea
@ DGBD on July 08. It's located in Hongdae, downtown Seoul. Check their myspace page.
Click here. There're friendly maps (information in English) for non-Korean speakers.

[Australian Tour 2007] Mar.31, 2007

We are very pleased to announce the dates for our first Australian Tour,
set to take place in late-June to early-July. The schedule is shaping up as follows:
Check it out.

June 27 (Wed.) - Hobart,Tasnania @ The Trout Bar
June 29 (Fri.) - Melbourne, Victoria @ The Tote
June 30 (Sat.) - Adelaide, South Australia @ The Lizard Lounge Complex
July 05 (Thu.) - Canberra, Australian Capital Territory @ Green Room
July 06 (Fri.) - Sydney, New South Wales @ The Arncliffe Hotel
July 07 (Sat.) - Brisbane, Queensland @ Club Pheonix

[We are still alive / New album is in progress] Jan.29, 2007

Hi, what's up everybody? Yusuke from Defiled here. First off, my apologies for
not being able to update for the last 2 years. Some of you may have been wondered
if we are still alive. My answer is, YES WE SURE ARE, after gone through so many
incidents in the last 2 years - both good and bad. Here I am, to give you the latest updates.
Please do read on.

Things happened to us were, indeed, very complicated & sensitive which threaten
our existence as a band. We could not make any firm official statement due to the fact that
we were not quite sure of what direction the band would end up as our circumstances
were very shaky and unstable. I am not going for any details here on our lineup changes
as it'd be long to tell. I'll briefly tell you the outlines in a chronological order:

In the late 2004, the band was forced to stay away from the scene, unable to do any shows
for almost 6 months as one of the member had to prioritize his personal matters.
Instead of sitting down doing nothing other than waiting on his return, we were preparing for
new materials. However, immediately after our second show in 6 months, he decided to
leave the band. Of course his departure was amicable and he will be truely missed.

In 2005, all remaining members except myself also followed the paths one after another
just like a domino effect, all due to personal reasons. I spent the rest of the year
looking for the missing slots. As some of you may know, looking for band members,
especially a good drummer, is not an easy task especially here in the Far East, Tokyo.
Through numerous changes with trials & errors, the band managed to survive
and reestablished the existence. Our current lineup is:

Kenji Sato - Vocals
Yusuke Sumita - Guitar
Haruhisa Takahata - Bass
Takashi Nonaka - Drums

We hope this lineup is long-lasting and full-filling. We are currently playing local shows
and preparing for the next full-length album. Although nothing is official at this time yet,
we are hoping for touring abroad again in this summer. Please check back here often
for more updates later on. You know where you'll hear about it first!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the continuous support
and keep checking back this page despite of no updates for the past 2 years.
We are going to make a killer album and play just as many shows as possible
both in Japan and overseas.

The last but not least, thanks to all the past members for their hard works,
dedications, & great times. Without you, we were not complete as a band.
Wish you all the best in the future, brothers! (Yusuke/DEFILED)

[Live pics in Europe] July.09, 2004

We are preparing new pics. They are coming very soon.In the meantime
you can see our live pics (May 14, 2004/Tor�, Osnabruck, Germany).
http://www.metalshot.com/ (Thanks Rebecca !!)

[Returned from Europe / New drummer joined] June.19, 2004

We have returned from European tour 2004. YYYEEEAAAHHH !!!
The tour was amazing. We would like to thank all fans & friends
who support us, all from Season of Mist (Especially Michael, Mr.Sr.
and Sabiene) ,Adam from FirstContact, especially Mayhem (Maniac,
Necrobutcher,Blasphemer,Hellhammer and Martin-support), Cadaver
(Apollyon,Neddo,Balvaz and Czral) , Manatark (Kaido,Benton,Martin
and Henry) , all of tour crew (Rene&Sofie from Spacebrain, Martin ,
Oyvind, Justin, Aantar, Spencer and Nightliner-Rental.NL (John, Math
and Willey) for sharing crazy 5weeks !!! (lol)

We have to announce our drummer change. Yuichi Ishiguro has left band
in last April due to his personal reasons. New drummerKiyomoto Takanashi
(ex- Vortex) already started to take his duties from European tour 2004.
We thank Yuichi's dedication for last 4 years. He will be truely missed.

[Some venues have been changed !] Apr.02, 2004


May.10 (Mon.) GLASGOW,U.K.@ BARFLY (not @ KINGTUTS, not @ ARCHES)

[Cadver and Manatark join the tour. More Tour dates added] Mar.19, 2004

Norwegian death metallersCadaver will be doing the second half of the tour
(from Slovenia onwards), and Estonian black metallers Manatark will be
doing the first half. The dates in Estonia,Lithuania,Spain and France added.
Check them at Concerts page.

[Mayhem with Defiled: European Tour Dates Announced] Feb. 25, 2004

Norwegian black metallers Mayhem and Japan's Defiled will be teaming up
for a European tour beginning in early April 2004. A third band will be added
to the bill soon. Check back for dates so often at Concerts page. There will
be a few more dates added. We'll let you know when next news come !!!

Defiled's latest album, "Divination"( out on 12 May 2003 / SOM074), is
now available through Season Of Mist Records and other major online shops.
As you may know, the album was mixed by Jim Morris at Morrisound studio
(Tampa , Florida, U.S.A.) and the artwork was done by Wes Benscoter.
The responses are overwhelming and we're very pround of the outcome.
"Divination"has been bringing more highly success than we ever had and taking us
onto the next step. We would like to thank all who support us enthusiastically.
And finally !!! a whole European tour with Mayhem is happened ! Our merchandises
(CD, stickers and shirts) will be available at concerts.See you soon on tour !
Get ready for the severe Brutal Death Metal attack from far east Asia !!

[Defiled's 3rd album] January.10, 2003

We've signed with "Season Of Mist" and brand new "Divination" album is
out on the 12th of this May!!!! This album is 3rd album for the band and
evidently the best effort ever! Contains 12 twisted brutal death metal songs
plus one bass solo and a voice experiment. You can find the most bizarre
guitar riffs you will ever hear and moreover hyper-fast blast beats,
perverse bass lines, and pitiless lyrics that are fully brutalizing. All
death metal maniacs absolutely should check this out!