Unholy Terror (Germany)

1. Hi Yusuke, Metal brother!!! How are you? Please introduce your pure band DEFILED to the readers of UNHOLY TERROR. Donft forget a short summary of the band historyc

Hi Andi, Hacker and the readers of UNHOLY TERROR! Yusuke here from DEFILED. Yes, we all are fine and thanks for this interview. I'm ready and let's start it! First, we would like to tell you our band bio briefly. Formed in Spring of 92 and had 2 demos in 93 and 96. Released 5 songs mini-cd "Defeat of Sanity" in 94 and had 2 full-length cds from American labels... "Erupted Wrath" (99) from Nightfall/Terrorizer Records, and "Ugliness Revealed"i01) from Baphomet/Necropolis Records. Opened for the following bands' Japan tour like Cannibal Corpse, Vader, Morbid Angel, Testament, Arch Enemy etc. Also played in Milwaukee Metalfest twice, NJ Metal Meltdown 3 times and so on. Toured the states with Incantation in 98 and had European tour with Dementor in 2000. And, brand new "Divination" album will be out on the 12th of this May. That's all... not too short? hahaha... Well we're gonna introduce our sound policy next, okay? We are playing music that should be categorized as "Brutal Death Metal" 'couse we love this kind of music very much. Though, the most important thing is, we don't want to follow anyone else, don't want to be a copycat, and always try to be "original". Yes, we always are trying to make our sound quite unique. Our direction is going to be more twisted, hysteric and weird style...!!

2. You told me that the Metal scene in Japan is pretty small. So, aren't there that many Metalheads in your country or is it, maybe, too hard to "survive" as Japanese band (i.e. to get gigs or to get recognition from Japanese and foreign Metal fans)?

Actually not so many bands from here are recognized worldwidely. But the local scene is pretty sound, we think. The bands support each other and the scene is getting bigger now. We are very proud to be a part of this scene. There're not a few metalheads here and they supports the bands very well. They always encourage us very much, actually.

3. Okay, you're about to release your third full-length CD "Divination" on French label Season of Mist. I've checked advance promo from the label. I must say that I really dig your new compositions: Compared to your older works (especially your self-released mini-album gDefeat Of Sanityh from 1994) the songwriting, the musicianship and the production has become so much better! Especially the drumming is more intense than ever? Yuichi seems to be a rather talented guy. Probably youfre pretty proud of your latest effort, right? Please give us all important information concerning the genesis of "Divination".

Yes, Yuichi took us to the higher level musically than ever before! We are very proud of "Divination" album and want to show you all our progress with it. This time, we tried to embody many fresh ideas musically. One outstanding point is to have tempo changes so often even in repeating same rhythms... Oops, we should not give the readers too much hints before they listen!! Well, please listen to the album and check out our progress with your own ears!! You will never be disappointed!!

4. The new album features again artwork by Wes Benscoter and it really looks awesome! This is the third time you used Wes's talents. So are you like IMMOLATION who always use the same artist (Andreas Marshall) and will you only use artwork by Wes in the future as he's the "perfect man"?

Well, Wes had been living in Tokyo in past, about two years, and we could get a chance to make friendship with him. He is very cool guy and his artwork is great too! Of course we hope to have his artwork for our future releases too. Is he the "perfect man"...? Absolutely yes. He is very professional as well as a good friend of us. Yeah, I know Andreas is also great, I love his artworks too. Both artists are great! Though, anyway, Wes, one of our best friend, is the perfect man for DEFILED for the time being!

5. Season of Mist is a rather established label in Europe, for example in Germany itfs no major problem to get their releases in regular record stores. So the distribution of your new CD will most likely become much better on the old continent, but what about the USA and Japan? Does your new label have the network/capacity to spread "Divination" anywhere in the world?

As for "Divination", yes, we do not worry about the distribution in Japan or U.S. at all. Season of Mist have their U.S. office and good distribution there too. No problem in Europe and the states means no problem in Japan, as well! We don't know well about the rest of world, but, it may not be such a big problem.

6. Talking of labels, "Erupted Wrath" has been released by Nightfall/Terrorizer Records and "Ugliness Revealed" by Baphomet Records, both American labels. As already mentioned above "Divination" comes out on Season of Mist from France. How come you changed the label with each release? Were you as band not satisfied with the labels or were the labels, maybe, not satisfied with the sales?

It came from our policy for signing. We've trying to have one-shot license deal with the labels so far. We're seeing what's going on with each release. This business style gave us much flexibilities in any aspect. It must be the best and fair way for both, band and label. There are no complaints for the past labels, of course. This time we just wanted to get some fresh air....

7. One thing I really like about DEFILED are the weird bass-lines by Norihisa ? obviously hefs a very capable guy. How long has he been playing his instrument? Who is his favorite bass player? In an old interview I read that he has a musical education, so his above-average playing doesnft really come as a surprisec

Thanks for mention of his bass play. Yes, we are very proud of his play... it's always ingenious and gives originalities to our songs. He's been playing bass about 15 years. He learned music formally at a certain music school in Tokyo and excels especially in Jazz, Fusion or Funk. He brings the elements from those genres to the sound of DEFILED. Yes, he is into those kind of music as well as Metal. He likes and may be influenced by Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten or the greats from the genres. Anyway, we respect his roots and playing skills.

8. Describe a typical DEFILED gig. What's your state of mind before, during and after a live performance?

Our typical gig? It's very easy to describe... it's "crazy"!! Yes, it's like a war!! Audience go crazy and we also! Slam-moshing, headbanging and diving... It's a realm of chaos !! Before stage, we're quite calm as for our attitude. Not so different with other bands, I think. Warm the fingers with instruments, and have calisthenics little. We don't drink at all before stage. And, we try to do our best in any show! Trying to be professional as much as we can. It is very important.

9. So far you've played in many parts of the world: The United States, Europe, Asiacany remarkable differences between the crowds in these countries? As I'm of Korean origin, I"m particularly eager to find out how the Metal fans in Seoul were. How was the show in the capital of South Korea?

Basically not so much differences between these countries. There are lots of mosh pits, stage divers everywhere in the world. As for Korea, Seoul has good metal scene. So far we have played 3 times in the city and every show was amazing. People in clubs were going crazy and had lots of slamming and headbanging. There are many great bands practically in South Korea. For exapmle Doxology, Black Syndrome, Oathean, Holy Marsh, Sad Legend, Crush, Magwi, Silent Eye, Bolt, Off, Slam, Deadpoint, Kalpa, Diablo, Moonshine, Assassin, Seed(R.I.P. now they are Doxology) and Saduh (R.I.P.). They all are very good.

10. Could you imagine to live in another country? If yes, which country would be your first choice?

Definitely Germany!!! German beer rules!!! (lol)

11.How would you define Death Metal?

We believe Death metal must be fast, heavy, aggressive, powerful and evil... Will you agree?

12. What Death Metal bands are your most favorites? Please name few c

Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Sinister, Vader, Malevolent Creation, Immolation and Incantation are the basic of basics. Angel Corpse, Vital Remains, Diabolic, Monstrosity, Krisiun, Centurian, Pessimist, Gorguts, Cryptopsy, Unholy Ghost, Burning Inside, Eulogy etc. are always our favorites! We are not into trendy death metal. Well, also Venom, Slayer, Possessed, Kreator, Celtic Frost and Voivod were influential for us in our very early days.

13. Is there any other style of music you dig apart from Metal?

We all are into progressive styles... and also love some technical, abnormal styles. But, we don't specify the music genre when we listen to. We enjoy any kinds of music, from Bossa Nova to Harsh Noise! As for me, I like music that keep it's tension high.

14. Are you religious people Hope youfre not? FUCK the gregarious animals!!! If you believed in reincarnation ? as what/who would you be reborn?

We all are basically atheist and not interested in having particular religion. But we never insult religious people. We understand religions give many people happiness. It's okay at all. But few "excessively" religious assholes brings big troubles in the world. I hate politics combine religions. It's always bringing huge conflict and tragedy. Life after death? I don't believe it. Death means the end for everything, I think.

15. I noticed that some prominent people wore DEFILED shirts, as for instance Corpsegrinder of CANNIBAL CORPSE or Steve Tucker when he was still a member of MORBID ANGEL. Do you think that this has helped a lot you to spread the name DEFILED?

Yes, it definitely helps us a lot!! We really appreciate their friendly supports! It's a quite underground way but definitely will work. We also wear other bands shirts and try to support them. To support each other is very important for underground metal scene, as you know. We thank and respect for Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel very much.

16. Okay my friend, no more questions from my side. Your final words?

Andi, Hacker and all readers of UNHOLY TERROR, thanks a lot for this great interview! We really enjoyed it!! Hope you too! See you on the road this year!

Interviewer : Andreas Carl Bernhard Kleine / Unholy Terror zine
Interviewee : Yusuke Sumita / DEFILED Guitarist

2003 April 25