Thrash'em All (Poland)

1. DEFILED is back with the vengeance, there's no doubt about it! Why we had to wait so long for the successor of "Ugliness Revealed"? has only been just 2 years since our previous album "Ugliness Revealed". It's quite an usual span I suppose. Anyway we appreciate your waiting.It's honorable for us that people waited patiently for our new album. For us, last 2 years was very busy, managing many things for our latest album " Divination". We believe " Divination" was worth waiting for so long...

2.Unfortunately you didn't reach European shores after last album.What's happened wrong and where we would be except your visit in Europe?

Well...there's a story. Originally we had a plan to tour around Europe AFTER " Ugliness Revealed" 's release, but unexpectedly our release date was postponed again and again. It's up to our label's (Baphomet/Necropolis)decision, not us. So we were forced to tour around Europe before "Ugliness Revealed" album release. We thought we had to go back Europe again after the release, but also we rather wanted to get on to making our next album with new drummer as soon as possible. We saved ourselves and tried to crate new album for things to go more smoothly. And finally now we got our new album "Divination" out! We're looking for chances to tour around Europe for promoting our new album ! If any of you would like to see us on the road, please hastle promoters in your country ! Anyway we're doing our best for getting tours as soon as possible.

3."Divination" is even more technical and intense than it's predecessor. In which direction do you want to push your music? Do you think that extremity has no limits?

It's very good question. Yes, certainly we're trying to proceed our music extremely with our own methods. We don't want to immitate someone has achived.Being original is one of most important factors for us. We're trying to have progressive/comlicated elements and try to get unique and wierd music. Being an imitatation doesn't make sense for competion of extremism.

4.How did you make the contact with Jim Morris which caused your last recording session?

It's nothing special. We sent an email to Morrisound and asked his schedule. Fortunately we could book him and he has done a great job for us ! We really appreciate his work very much !

5.Your music is very demanding, this is not the easiest or the catchiest form of expressing in death metal genre. What are your main goals to achieve and how much do you demand from yourselves when it comes to technical skills?

Yes, you're quite right that our music is very demanding. And I do understand that our style is far from the trends in Death Metal. I find new trends in Death Metal something wrong. We are neither in relations with overground commercialism nor the underground trends. I especially hate new bands from North America. Everybody is copying hardcore bands. Slow and beatdown. Wearing baseball caps and looking like skators or hardcore bands. If people call those bands Death Metal, than I would rather not be called Death Metal.We're too different. Honestly speaking, we can not stand "too melodious" bands from Europe. We are very selective in Death Metal. There are really many great bands from Poland. Death Metal must be fast and brutal. To express brutality, you must be technical. We will try hard like the Polish. In our own way. Watch out for twisted Bizarre music from Japan.

6.What are your daily occupations? How do you earn for living and is it hard to have the band in Japan? I suppose that prices of equipment are very high in your country..

Our occupations are secret ! hahaha. You can guess what job long hair asian death metalheads have....

7.What are the brightest moment in DEFILED's history?'s very difficult question. Probably one of the brightest moment was our first Milwaukee stage in 1998...

8.What's your personal opinion about so bizarre acts from Japan like Bathtub Shitter or Catasexual Urge Motivation.? Are you into these kind of sickness a little bit?

Yes, they're cool ! We love to play with them. As for C.U.M., we never saw/met them though....

9.My friend hearing word "Japan" always said: Sumo and Bukkake. What should he add to this list?

hahaha, You know Bukkake...It's funny. We're not good at porno culture...Please ask someone who knows those things well...

10.What are your upcoming plans and are you satisfied from Season of Mist and Necropolis efforts?

Now we're preparing new songs for our next album and consuming gigs as much as we can. Our current label Season of Mist is working hard and trying to get an European tour for us. Necropolis also worked hard for us in the past. We are satisfied with both labels very much !!

11.Would you be able to name a few the best death metal albums in the history of this genre?

Those're our favorites....

Angel Corpse "Exterminate",
Angel Corpse " The inexorable",
Atrocity"Longing for Death",
Cannibal Corpse " Buthchered at birth",
Cannibal Corpse " Tomb of the mutilated",
Death " Scream Bloody Gore",
Death " Leprosy",
Deicide " Deicide",
Deicide " Legion",
Diabolic " City of the Dead",
Eulogy " Essense",
Gorguts" Erosion of Sanity",
Immolation " Dawn of Possession",
Incantation " Diabolical Conquest",
Malevolent Creation "Retribution",
Monstrosity " Imperial Doom",
Morbid Angel "Altar of Madness",
Vader " De Profundis",
Vital Remains "Forever Underground",
Sinister " Hate"

12. That's all. I hope you liked it.

We want to thank you for reading our interview and Lukas and all of Thrash'em all zine ! Next time when we are touring Europe, we will definitely try to go Poland ! Okay, see you then ! Please check our website ! Thanks for your support !!

Interviewer : Lukas / Thrash'em All zine
Interviewee : Yusuke Sumita / DEFILED Guitarist

2003 July 25