Surlity (Thailand)

1. First of all, how its your life going on now? and what do you do when you have off time?

In my spare time, I go and see movies, go bar-hopping and so on, although I actually prefer doing studio works with the band.

2.Let us know your biography and discography briefly.

We were formed in April 1992 in Tokyo,Japan. Had many tours with Incantation (in the U.S.1998), Dementor(in Euro 2000), Cannibal Corpse (in Japan 1996), Morbid Angel( in Japan 1998) and Vader (in Japan1998) etc... So far we have had 3demos and 3 albums. 1st Mini Album「Defeat of Sanity」(1994 Bizzare Records,Japan) 2nd Full Album「Erupted Wrath」(1999 Nightfall/Terrorizer Records,U.S.A.) 3rd full Album 「Ugliness Revealed」(2001 Baphomet/Deathvomit/Necropolis Records,U.S.A.) 4th Full album「Divination」will be out from Season Of Mist(France) this coming Spring-Summer 2003.The members as of now consists of Hideki Fujimoto (Vocals), Yusuke Sumita (Guitars), Norihisa Fukuda (Bass), and Yuichi Ishiguro (Drums).

3.Talking about your upcoming release"Divination", Currently we got that info. The album will be out under French label"Season Of Mist". We think that's big label, how did you get their deal ?

We asked the labels from all over the world and got offers from some of them. And finally we chose SOM from them 'cause their zeal for the album was the best, we thought. Besides they have good world-wide distribution of course and we very much expect that. Anyway, they promised their maximum support for the album and promotion and we can't wait for the release.

4. Promote your New album "Divination" to Thailand !

"Divination" is 4th album for us Defiled and evidently the best effort ever. Contains 12 twisted brutal death metal songs plus one bass solo and a vocal effect. You can find the most bizarre guitar riffs you will ever hear and moreover hyper-fast blast beats, perverse bass lines, and pitiless lyrics that are fully brutalizing. All death metal maniacs absolutely should check this one out.

5.I know you're having much tour worldwidely. Where was the best place in your opinion? and tell us about your show in Malaysia? Why didn't you play in Thailand? When can we see your show in Thailand???

The U.S. tour we had with Incantation in '98 was great. We toured for three weeks and had much fun there. The best show in the tour was the one we had in NYC. It was a kind of festival and many good death metal bands like Vital Remains, Diabolic, Deceased etc were there. Well the ones we did at Milwaukee Metal Festival in '98&'99 were also awesome. These following places were also great... Paris in France, Seoul in Korea and Montreal in Canada. The show in Kuala Lumpur was one of the best too. Eric from Psychic Scream Entertainment did his best for the show. Yeah, we want to go there to Thailand to kick your asses someday soon. If we can find a good promoter, we can go there on "Divination tour" this year we expect. Promoters, feel free to get in touch with us.

6. Have you heard about the terrorized in Bali/Indonesia and Philippines? so, what do you think about them? Do you think there's a possibility for World War III?

Of course I know those terrible news. Terrorists really suck! Terrorism's the meanest way of assertion and clearly will solve nothing. I think there's no possibility for World War III 'cause there are more complicated circumstances than the ones existing between countries. This individual kind of hatred towards the nation will not lead to world-wide war, I think.

7. Do you know anything about our country Thailand???

I have some friends from Thailand 'cause once I had a part time job at a restaurant and worked together with them. They all were nice and I really lovely. The guys were very gentle and the girls were so pretty. Anyway, I know you have the Royal Household, same as ours, and very much love them. The two families, Thailand's royal and Japan's Imperial are very close. I often go to the Thai-restaurants in Tokyo 'cause I like hot food like Tom Yam Kum and I can find the photo of your Royal family at any place. Anyway, I really want to go to your country someday soon. Hopefully this year on the road.

8. Let us know your plan for the future. What can we expect from new album?

"Divination" will be out from Season Of Mist by this Spring/Summer maybe and we'll tour the world hopefully after the release. You must check the album out if you're into this kind of brutal music. You will never be disappointed, we promise.

9. OK thank you very much Hideki for the time, I wish your good luck . What is your last word to the reader?

Thank you Preecah for the interview. Stay brutal and keep the faith. See you on the road this year !

Interviewer : Preecha Chumkong / Surlity zine
Interviewee : Hideki Fujimoto / DEFILED Vocalist

2003 January 05