Pure Holocaust (Thailand)

1.Bloody Helllll...Yusuke, how is going your life in Japan after you finished a long tour of the band? And please talk about the latest tour of Defiled...? I knew Defiled joined with Mayhem for the latest tour !!Please mention about Mayhem / Defiled tour.

Hello, Yusuke from Defiled here. I am doing fine myself and have already started to write new material for the next album. Well, I should introduce myself for readers. I play the guitar and started this band in 1992 for playing original Death/Thrash metal. That's all. The Tour with Mayhem was fantastic ! We have met so many fans and kicked their asses. We really appreciate the fans that came to the concerts, label, promoters, other tour mates Cadaver & Manatark and especially for mighty Mayhem !!They all were really nice to us and that's why we could enjoy for 5 weeks. Hopefully we would like to do it again as soon as possible.

2.Defiled have toured many time Have you some problems for creating new songs for the next album?

Please don't worry about that. We are preparing it surely and the process is going well. Hope you will hear our new album in 2005. We promise to do our best to release it as soon as possible.

3.Your latest album "Divination" is very technical and brutal !!! Could you say that was a good developments of the band ?

Thanks for your comment. Yes, we think we did our best at that moment. Our musical concept since we started has been kept and had much progression in our own manner. To change tempo (click changing, not" rhythm changing") when going to next riff is the common way some bands do. But we tried to change the tempos even in the same riffs. For example, please check the song " Downfall", the first song from "Divination" album. You can hear it at the beginning of the song. There are lots of fresh trials in that album. We don't reveal everything now. Hope you check our latest album and find many "surprises".

4.I know you had released "Rough Mix promo tape 1993" Can I find any releases before that ? Or "Rough Mix"is the first release?

Actually "Rough Mix promo tape in '93" is our first release. It's already sold out but still we are hearing requests constantly. So we are considering of making it downloadable at our website. It's nothing certain yet though.

5.What's a difference thing between your music and other brutal death metal bands from U.S.A.?

We never try to be a "wannabe" copycat. We know many good bands from U.S.A. but no need to flatter their styles. Aren't we right? Actually we have unique ideas and inspirations from our own brains. To crate original music is most important for us. If we lost them, then we must call a day.

6.Talking about Japanese extreme metal scene ,every metal fans must be thinking about Defiled, Sabbat, Sigh, Ritual Carnage, King's-Evil, Noism, C.S.S.O., Vomit Remnants....How do you think about the future of Japanese extreme metal scene ? And do you support young bands there? Do you think "Only Japanese scene is the biggest one in Asia"??

Well, our scene is growing and has many good bands. Of course, we are proud to be a part of the scene and believe the future we hold. We are supporting each other and it makes us better and better. Japan is not the only country for the biggest in Asia as you know. of course there are respectable scenes in Thailand, South Korea,Taiwan, China, HongKong, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

7.What's difference thing when you tour between U.S.A. ,Europe and Asia ....?? I mean place, stage, fan and beer.

Hahaha. Certainly beer is different ! We love any beer in the world ! How about you? Apart from joking, basically we think there are no differences between countries. They all love metal music as same as we do. We would like to see them screaming, shouting at any concerts. Hope they love our music too.

8.Defiled has been changing lineup. What's happened with them ? Naoki Akamatsu, Masafumi Kitamura, Kouji Uchida, Kiminari Naraoka, Yuichi Ishiguro etc...

All of past members on our biography have left amicably. Some of them had to leave forcedly for family issues. We miss them. They all are still good friends of us and really appreciate their dedication.

9.Could tell us about your upcomming release? What's special thing that we can expect?

One thing we can say now is next album must be more extreme in every aspect. Some parts will be more twisted, wired, disharmonic and strange. Also lots of blast beats, tempo changes, rhythm changes and many unexpected surprises. If you like something uncommon, you will love our album. We don't like to reveal many things before it comes. Anyway we will never disappoint you. Please expect it. Thanks for reading interview. We will try to go Thailand after releasing the next album. Then see you soon at concerts. Thank you very much. Long live Asian metal forever !

Interviewer : Chainarong Meprasert / Pure Holocaust zine
Interviewee : Yusuke Sumita / DEFILED Guitarist

2004 October 16