Pro Rock (Bulugaria)

First letfs start with the presentation of the members and the history of the band?

Okay. Yusuke, our guitarist founded this band in 92 to create original Brutal Death Metal in Tokyo. We released two demos in the early e90s and one self financed mini CD entitled gDefeat of Sanityh in 94. In 99, we released our first full length gErupted Wrathh album on US based Nightfall/Terrorizer Records, and also have gUgliness Revealedh in 2001 on also US based Baphomet Records through Necropolis. And as you know our brand new gDivinationh album is just unleashed on Season of Mist in this May. Yusuke the founder plays guitars, the bassist Norihisa is also defiled over 10 years, Yuichi the drummer joined this band three years ago, and I Hideki sing since 97 from gErupted Wrathh album.

How do you define your style? Do you agree that it is a mixing between Cryptopsy and Suffocation?

Basically, we avoid intentionally getting influenced from other Death Metal bands because we wanna be one and only, that is to say goriginalh. We listen not only to Death Metal but also many other styles. And wefre always trying to make our sound unique. But itfs also the fact that we respect Cryptopsy or Suffocation and are actually familiar with their music so yes I think your comment doesnft miss the mark at least.

It is notable that your band is inspired by US death metal scene. How did you become interested in death metal and which are your favorite bands?

Well, we actually are good friends with some US Death Metal bands like CANNIBAL CORPSE, VITAL REMAINS, INCANTAITION, SKINLESS and many more so they may have some inspiration on us besides other kinds of music wefre also familiar with. As I told before, we like to listen to many styles of music. For your information, Norihisa and Yuichi, our rhythm section had formal education at musical schools and they are into Fusion Jazz very much. Yusuke loves Classic music of itfs most avant-garde way like Stravinski or Holst. And Ifm a big fan of old Rock like CACTUS or Experimental Noise like MERZBOW. About Death Metal, we thought it as a progressed form of Thrash Metal when we started the band and our favourite bands were mainly e80s Thrash bands like SLAYER, POSSESSED, KREATOR, DEATHROW and many many more.

What are the strong points in your new material compared to your previous releases?

We are really proud of this new gDivinationh albumc itfs far progressed and improved without doubt than the previous ones on every aspectsc songs, lyrics, performances, and production, I really think. We changed the drummer since the previous gUglinessh album as I already told, and Yuichi brought new elements, freshness and energy to the band. The possibility of this band comes widen by his joining for sure. And I am personally satisfied much with my lyrics this time. Ifm influenced from the brutality of Eastern philosophy and you can find some significance or Eastern originality here. Please check it out.

You play very aggressive but in the same time very technical music. Do you keep a certain limit when combining them?

Well, Death Metal is a broad-minded genre opposed to its looks, we think, and we found no limits here musically. Death Metal has been evolved these 15 years and there still are much areas left to be developed. And thatfs why we love and keep doing this kind of music.

How could you describe your composing process?

Yusuke brings the basis into the studio and we arrange them altogether. Wefre doing it instinctly rather than logically. We do without any sheet of music but just through sessions. Each of us has many ideas in our minds and quotes them properly.

You have recorded your albums in USA. Are the studios in Japan not good enough or you are seeking something different?

We have good studios also here in Japan but itfs because of the matter of timing why we have used studios in the states. For example, the mixing of this album was done again at Morrisound and itfs because that was the very time after we just finished the US tour. It just fit our schedule perfectly.

The album is mixed by Jim Morris. How did you get connect with him?

All of our full lengths were mixed at Morrisoundc Jim did gErupth and new one, and Tom did gUglinessh. I forgot how did we get connect with them first but they really are great anyway. I heard ggood producersh are sometimes so arrogant and hard to associate with but Morris brothers are never. They are really nice guys moreover the great engineers and itfs always great for us to work with them.

There is one very strange song in the album, called Eciov Erazzib, in which your vocalist is sounding like an angry ninja. What is its meaning?

Frankly, we put the song just because to gain the insufficiency of the time but itfs cool to know you find it unique or something! Okay, please tell everybody that the song is a Japanese incantation or something though it in fact is just a reversed sentence taken from a song in this album.

Each your album is out with a different label. What are the reasons for such often changes and is Season of Mist the perfect choice for the future?

Every time wefre choosing the best label and therefs no other intention. Season of Mist promised us their best promotion on our new album and we are really expecting it. Nothing special happened with Baphomet/Nectopolis. It was just a one-shot contract and no fetters were put on our foot.

You have toured in Europe and USA. How did the local fans accept your band, as one cannot see every day a metal band from Japan?

Itfs always great to play abroad and meet the maniacs. Our fans follow us strongly everywhere! Wefre very proud of them. Theyfre always crazy and support the band very well.

Is it true that in Japan it is somewhat usual to see on metal concerts people wearing suits?

On the weekday, yes. Many frustrated office workers come to the show and wreak their anger by moshing!! You must think itfs totally crazy but itfs true. Many crazy matters we have here in Japan.

In every country there are bands loved by almost every fan, like Iron Maiden or Metallica. Which are the famous bands of the fans in Japan of the following styles : heavy metal, thrash metal, death metal, and black metal?

The senses of values are diversified recently in this country and I canft enumerate them here, sorry. Though the long distance runners like LOUDNESS are of course pretty famous in this country.

Do you have any other occupation outside the band?

Yes, we all have other jobs. Itfs just to survive.

Do you know anything about Bulgaria?

Yoghurt and wine! We wanna go and play in your country someday soonc hope we can go on Divination tour that now we DEFILED and Season of Mist are trying to plan.

Any final words?

Thanks for the great interview! Readers, please enjoy our new gDivinationh album! Hope to see you all on the road! Stay brutal and support the underground!!

Interviewee : Hideki Fujimoto / DEFILED Vocalist

2003 July 20