Pedal To The Metal (U.S.A.)

1. How did DEFILED get together?

We came together in 92 to create original unique & bizarre Death Metal in Tokyo. Yeah, it was over a decade ago! Then, we went through several members changing as same as other bands and itfs settled these three years. Yusuke on guitars, Norihisa plays bass, Yuichi the drummer, and I, Hideki sing.

2. How did you come up with the bands name DEFILED?

Yusuke, the founder named. I heard that he named gDEFORMEDh first and changed to gDEFILEDh because he found a same named fanzine. I donft know well why he chose this word though the sound of this name is cool and very Death Metallic anyway! Thatfs the most important thing for the Death Metal bandfs name. Far better than gCandyh or something, isnft it?

3. "Divination" is by far your best work the melodies and deathly devouring style of death metal blended together sounds great.would you say the time and effort with maturity has a part in this?

Yes. We are always trying to get better in playing and singing so the quality of the music has been rising, we hope! Yeah as you mentioned gDivinationh is far improved on each aspects than our former releases. I think we finally established our own style with this album! Now we are playing Psychotic/Chaotic Brutal Death Metal with many dissonant chords and weird melodies. This is our own style and we will give a polish to it from now on. Look forward to the future releases too!

4. Who did the artwork for "Divination"?

Itfs done by Wes Benscoter, who has done many great covers for the following bands like SLAYER, MORTICIAN, VADER, NILE, SINISTER, BROKEN HOPE etc moreover he also did our previous two albums, gUgliness Revealedh and gErupted Wrathh. Wefre very glad at new one for gDivinationh, itfs a killer!!

5. Why the departure from Necropolis records?

Itfs because the contract among us was just a one-shot-license one. There was no trouble or something between DEFILED and Baphomet/Necropolis, just to make sure!

6. Do you have a favorite song on the new album?

I like no songs and just hate! Especially I hate gThe Dormant Withinh itfs so hard to get well-ensemble this song! Just kidding. Well we donft have particular favorite song. Parents should love any sons!

7. How did you get into playing Death Metal?

First, we think Death Metal is the ultimate form of music. It should be faster, heavier, darker than, and surpass, any other kind. Thatfs great to be a part of this advanced genre! Death Metal is, as a matter of fact, broad-minded opposed to its looks, and we found no limits here musically. Thatfs why we love this kind of music. Wefre looking for the ends of the earth and know at the same time therefs no end.

8. Who where some of your influences growing up?

We got influences from a lot of things, not only music, so I canft enumerate them here! The most important thing is, we must digest any influences well. Some gso calledh musicians are only imitating others. We donft like that. We wanna be the band gone and onlyh. We always are trying to be original, and no specific influences are important here.

9. Living in Japan, how is the music culture there compared to the American music culture?

We Japanese have our own music culture, which has been there over thousand years and we should hold it in respect more... But, in fact, many young Japanese musicians seem only to follow the western style, as I mentioned before. I think itfs stupid and donft wanna call it a fusion of culture. We young Japanese should create the sound of our own, as you American sneaked well out from English Rock in f70s.

10. What do you think of so called metal bands like Linken Park, Godsmack, and Mudvayne taking the spotlight from the real metal bands?

I donft know well about these bands sorry... We actually donft care who take the spotlight. Yes, we do never need the spotlight or gorgeous stage! We just want to create our own music and believe steady fans will always be there! Our fans are true to us and wefre very proud of it.

11. For the people who havent heard of DEFILED how would you explain your sound to them?

Itfs hard to explain our sound by words. Buy the CD and listen to the music please! Well though, I definitely can recommend our music to the people who love crazy, bizarre, advant-garde music. And to whom love a labyrinth or a puzzle too...

12. What has been your most prfessional or personal acheivement in your life today?

The performance at the show he had in the last weekend, in Tokyo, was successful and I had much satisfaction there.

13. Do you think metal music is making a comeback?

Hey, I donft think Metalfs gone! Metal is always there for kids! If you mean the possibility of the metal-bubble-economyfs revival, like mid 80fs, I never hope that! Thatfs totally nonsense. Again, good Metal bands have always been there, are there, and will be there, even if theyfre a few. Donft expect the quantity but quality!

14. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Wefll be playing music, we hope. Therefs no limit here and we have too many ideas left to embody!

15. How would you like the music world to remember DEFILED when it's over for you guys?

Well, only a few masterpieces will be recognized after 100 years and we hope we can be one of them! Anyway, wefll keep trying to create our own unique original sound, and everything will be judged by... time.

Interviewer : Chris Tuttle / Pedal To The Metal zine
Interviewee : Hideki Fujimoto / DEFILED Vocalist

2003 April 14