Necromance (Spain)

1. Please, tell me about the main events that have marked the way of DEFILED during your 11 years of existence.

Itfs hard to answer but maybe thatfs the US tour we did for three weeks with INCANTATION in 98. That was really a great tour. We went to and played in many cities in the states, and met many friends there. Yes, we love touring the world very much! The European tour, we went there once in 2000, was also great but we couldnft go Spain then. So hope we can go to your country on the next European tour! We wanna go to as many countries as possible with this "Divination" album.

2. Your new full-length release "Divination" is already on the market, did the same musicians as in "Ugliness Revealed" take part in this recording?

No. We changed the drummers since "Ugliness Revealed" and he, the new drummer Yuichi, has certainly brought freshness and energy to the band. "Divination" comes much evolved than any of our previous albums on every aspectsc songs, lyrics, arranges, productions, performances and so on. Wefve toured and held many shows these several years and we could sublimate the experiences to "Divination", I proudly think.

3. Describe the 14 tracks in it. Where did you record this material and who were the people to help you most?

We recorded the songs again at Yellowknife studio in Tokyo, where we did "Ugliness Revealed" , and as you know, had it mixed down with Jim Morris at Morrisound studios in Tampa FL. Well, the engineers at Yellowknife learned much from the recordings of "Ugliness Revealed" and all recording works went very smooth this time. We wanna thank the guys at Yellowknife very much.

4. What impressions have you remained with after you work with Jim Morris during the last 4 years?

Jim is great, and his brother Tom too of course. They are very kind and so professional at the same time. We love the guys at Morrisound very much. They all are skilful engineers obviously.

5. I suppose you're very satisfied with the result of your new album. Do you have a favourite track from this CD? Why? Which if the 14 tracks was the hardest to record?

Yes, wefre satisfied with and very proud of the result, actually. "Divination" is obviously the best effort for the band ever and will kick everyonefs ass definitely! Well, we donft have particular favourite songs in this album. We love all songs impartiallyc as parents love any sons equally! The most hard-to-record song is maybe "The Dormant Within". Very complicated and it was little hard to make a groove on this song.

6. The front cover artwork of the CD is great!!! What is the story stands about it?

Yes, this artwork must win the best Metal cover prize of this year! We DEFILED must thank Wes Benscoter so much for this great artwork. Well, once he had lived here in Tokyo and is a nice friend of ours. We really love his artwork. So sick and brutal!!

7. Itfs obvious that the music of DEFILED is highly technical and brutal!!! Which are from your point of view, the main influences in your music?

Basically we avoid intentionally getting influenced by any of other bands because wefre always trying to be one and only, that is to say original. But, simultaneously, we all love to listen to many kinds of music. We listen to many kinds from Classic to Harsh Noise or so. Well, Norihisa and Yuichi had formal musical education at music schools in Japan and into fusion jazz very much. They are well trained actually and can play in many styles. Yusuke loves Classic music of its most avant-garde way like Stravinski or Schenberg and you can find the influences on his strange guitar playing. Ifm into old Rock like CACTUS or CAPTAIN BEYOND. But please donft forget we all love Metal. Itfs the best always!!

8. If you make a comparison between your first MCD "Defeat Of Sanity" from 1994 and your current "Divination" what similarities and differences can you find?

The essence of musical composition will never change, I think, and of course we can find some similarities between two albums, for example the complicated structures of the songs. But everything, for example the skill of song writing/arranging or musicianship is clearly far improved and sophisticated now than "Defeat Of Sanity" era, I thinkc at least I hope!!

9. How did the things come up to the contract with Season Of Mist? What happened with your previous labels (Necropolis, Terrorizer Records...)?

We sent the demo for "Divination" album to some labels and Season of Mist gave us the best offer. They promised us their best promotion and we are expecting it very much. Nothing special happened with Baphomet/Necropolis. It was just a one-shot contract and no fetters were put on our foot.

10. Which bands are you going on tour with to promote your new album? Will you visit Europe? and USA?

Just now we are touring in Japan and four shows are done so far. No definite plans for Europe or USA are decided yet though wefre just trying to get good ones. Hope we can announce good news soon! We wanna go there to Spain this time, yeah!!

11. Please tell us which are your 5 favourites Death Metal albums?

"Divination" DEFILED, "Ugliness Revealed" DEFILED, "Erupted Wrath" DEFILED, "Defeat of Sanity" DEFILED, and "Divination" DEFILED once again, haha!!

12. Any last words to conclude the interview?

Thanks for this great interview! Readers, please check out our "Divination" album and wefll kick your ass like hell! Get ready for the severe Brutal Death Metal attack from the East!! Hope to see you all on the road! Stay Brutal!!!!!

Interviewee : Hideki Fujimoto / DEFILED Vocalist

2003 June 01