Metalstorm (Malaysia)

1) Before this with 'Ugliness Revealed' the band did another world tour but you didn't toured Asia as what you've done in promoting 'Erupted Wrath' album. What's the reason for this?

We actually had got an offer for that this time too but was just ill timed, we took it. Hope to do your area again on our next tour with upcoming "Divination" album. We really had a good time when we went there two years ago...

2) When you did 'Autumn Blasphemous Tour 2000' in Europe and Asia somewhere in 2000, I'm sure this is your turning point in establishing a fan-base for Defiled. How's this old tour compare to the one you made with 'Ugliness Revealed'?

Can't compare the tours 'cause we just do our best anytime we play but yeah one obvious difference between the tours was whether we went or not to Asian countries, as you mentioned. Yes, this time we went only to Korea and didn't perform to another Asian countries. Again, we hope to kick you Malaysian Metalheads' ass again on our next tour and wanna go also to Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand etc etc... Promoters, please get in touch with us on this!

3) The new album 'Divination' was brutally recorded in Yellowknife studio, Tokyo and mixed in Morrisound studio by Jim Morris as it's usually. Why the band didn't record the whole album in Morrisound studio, is this a matter of fact that you want to keep Defiled's sound separate away from the ordinary death metal albums which was done in Morrisound studio?

No, that's not because of the matter like that but more mentally ones. Well, Yellowknife is very close to our houses, 30 minutes walk from mine for example, and we all are very familiar with the guys there. We've been using the studio for years and yes, we can totally make ourselves at home when we are working there and that's the main reason why we prefer using the studio when we do the songs. It's important for us to display our skills when we record the songs and it's easy for us to achieve at the intimate studio like Yellowknife. Of course now we know well about Morrisound and we love their environment too so we may use Moriisound on our next recording though nothing is decided at all. Anyway do you have any good recording studio in Malaysia?

4) The fourth album 'Divination's will be released by Season Of Mist from France. Previously the album is going to be released under Candlelight Records from U.K., what was the reason for this big change?

Actually we got some good offers this time from the labels including Candlelight for "Divination" album. And finally we chose Season Of Mist because their terms are the best, we thought. They promised their maximum support for "Divination" album and we really expect that. Yes, we are very happy now.

5) 'Divination's will make a step further for the band as before this you already gained an international reputation in the underground scene. What kind of expectation you have for this album as now Defiled is picked up by European label for the first time in their carrier?

Firstly, I must say that we're very proud of the recording result of this "Divination" album, this is the album what we have wanted to make for a long time! Well we expect of the strong distributing network, especially in Europe, that SOM have. It definitely will help us a lot to spread the name DEFILED more and more to the underground scene worldwidely.

6) Logically there must be improvement in 'Divination' because when you did your old albums it's a little bit of static death metal (with the usual death metal things). How is the musical direction, getting more technical and how about the using of sound effects in this album?

Improved a lot! Well, we have changed the drummer after "Ugliness Revealed" as you know and Yuichi , the recruit's way of playing is far different from Naoki, the predecessor's one. Now we're playing far faster than ever! And the structures of the songs got more complicated... Well we're not the band that put their technique on sale but the whole quality of the musical performance on "Divination" is definitely far better than the previous albums. You should check it out when it's out this coming Spring. You'll never be disappointed, we promise.

7) So after this fourth album, when will the band start to tour again in case of supporting the new album? Would you mind telling us about your tour schedule for this record which was prepare by the label?

No detailed schedule is decided yet but hope to go on the road again as soon as possible! Can't wait to kick your ass again! Anyway, look forward the upcoming "Divination" album on Season Of Mist this Spring. It will blow you away! Thanx a lot the interview. See you soon on the road! Support the Underground and stay brutalized sick.

Interviewer : Xulhisham / Metalstorm zine
Interviewee : Hideki Fujimoto / DEFILED Vocalist

2002 December 08