Hyberned Children's Dreams horrid (Slovakia)

1. What's up with Defiled camp?

Hello. We are all fine and working on new materials for the next album. Hopefully we will get it soon. Our European tour with Mayhem for 5 weeks was amazing. We will back to the road again as soon as possible.

2.I've heard only your excellent album "Divination" and "Ugliness Revealed", but I think, you have released some more albums. Is it true?

Yes, we have released 2 other albums before " Ugliness Revealed". One is called " Erupted Wrath" and the other one is called " Defeat of Sanity."

3.. Defiled is the best band I've heard from Japan so far. Are you satisfied with distribution of "Divination"? Because it's very hard to find your old materials over here...

Thanks for your interest. Yes, we believe Season Of Mist promoted our latest album very well.The sales of that album is not bad, so far. Everything on the album went smoothly. We hope all of our past albums should be re-released in Europe very soon because we have been getting so many requests like you mentioned.

4. You emphasize you try to make original music. But it's impossible to hide to compare you to any "well-known" bands. How can you prove to avoid the conscious, or unconscious influence of "well-known" bands?

Well...you got a good point. Yes, no bands can be avoided to be compared to different bands. We understand that and can't help if somebody points it out to us. It's up to listeners. For example, I personally can't find a difference in hip-hops because I have no interest in their music at all. Some people may say Vader is almost the same as Slayer. Might make sense for certain people but not for me. Of course I completely disagree with that. But maybe it's true for some people who don't know the music well. What we wanted to say was, it's up to individual tastes. Anyways we have tried/ and are trying to be original as much as possible. We have no intention to be one of those"wannabe craps". Imitating favorite bands is very easy. There are clear differences between bands who try to be original and bands who try to be a copycat. We can't deny the fact that we play death metal with growling, blast beats, distorted guitar sounds though.

5. What would you say about songs Floating Sediment and Eciov Erazzib? Did you want to try some experiments?

Our contract stated " The length of the album must be over 40 min." Our album was originally about 35 min. We had to put something extra. Fortunately, our bassist : Norihisa (pronounce "no-ree-hee-saa"), wanted to do something on his solo. It perfectly matched with the album so we decided to add it.

6. Last composition "Decadence" is somehow more straightforward opposite rest of material. What is it about, some older stuff?

It's a kind of fun. We added it because of the similar reason as my answer to your question 5. (please see above) Please don't get me wrong. Only 3 tracks were extra materials. Of course, the rest of the tracks on the album were very serious.

7. Would you prove to imagine, that first you'd script lyric and according that you'd write music? Maybe you did that?

Music comes first on me and then lyrics come the second on our vocalist: Hideki (pronounce "hee-day-key") We have own roles each other.

8. You write major part of music, do you assert most complex riffs? Is it a question of compromise?

We do just what we want. Do you feel our riffs are complex? As for my guitar riffs and styles, none of them are technically difficult at all. I do just very simple things. Anybody who can play guitar can analyze that. But combinations of guitar and bass lines make you feel weird. Also drum patterns are important for that. Although the bass lines and drumming patterns are very complicated, guitar lines/riffs are very easy We are satisfied with that because that's what we want.Talking about myself, I am more into composing than technical guitar riff making.

9. I have to praise work of bassist Norihisha, I hear that he tries enrich music by various atypical passages. Who is his ultimate bass fave?

Thank you for your compliment. I heard that he's into Jazz / Fusion since he was a teenager. He started to listen Death Metal after he joined Defiled. Isn't it funny? Unfortunately I personally was/ am not into Jazz / Fusion.....Both of us love progressive / avant-garde music very much. That's why we started to work together. What was your question? Our bassist's fave? Probably....must be....Victor Wooten. Have you heard of him?

10.Suppose, that you use digital style of recording. Wouldn't you like to try classic analogue? I think, it would fit to your music. Are you completely satisfied with sound quality of your recordings?

So far we have not /do not use" the magic of pro tools"on any of our recordings. It means not too much. Minimum adjustments were done, though. For example erasing some noise etc... We tried to maintains " the live session" atmosphere just as much as we could. We wanted to show what we can and can't. So some of them still holds some rough cuts/edges but it's okay for us because it maintains " the raw" feeling. Needless to say"Classic Analogue" recording must be much better for the sound too. Analog is best, Digital is the second. We believe that.

11. Album was mixed in Morrisound studios and cover picture comes from Wes Benscoter. It seems, that you're big supporters of nice old DM school of 90's! But you try to develop Death Metal in direction of technique and complexity. What you don't like on today scene?

We have never recorded in Morrisound studio, we have only used there for mixing. Some people get confused with" the use of Morrisound = Florida Death Metal wannabe craps". We understand it sounds " typical" but we went for them because we simply love their works without the image. In regards to our musical direction, we do just what we want, away from"trends". We are not interested in so-called " nu-metal" or trendy nu school (hopping) death metal that have much slow groove beatdown parts. Most of so-called " U.S. style" newer bands are boring for us. If they are death metal bands, probably we are not death metal band. We play different kind of music. We would like to say, the direction taken by the majority of outstanding Polish/ Brazilian bands is decent. We believe most of current U.S bands are going to completely false direction however there are quite few excellent exceptions like Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Vital Remains, Suffocation, Monstrosity, Malevolent Creation, Nile, Hate Eternal, Immolation, Incantation and Unholy Ghost. They are true death metal elites. Also Angel Corpse, Burning Inside, Eulogy, Pessimist and Diabolic must come back. We would like to stress this.

12. Which kind of metal is most popular in Japan today? Here in our place always rules Death Metal.

Not quite sure of that question. It's really up to fans. Maybe there are so many different styles here. It's not bad for open-minded metal fans. Do you agree?

13. It's rather strange, but some countries have no Death Metal scene. I'm aiming at such big state as e.g. China. Are there some metal bands? What do you think of it, how is it possible? Were you sometimes been playing there live?

Yes, we understand their religious, economical and political circumstances don't allow them. It's not strange at all. It's quite reasonable. Regarding the scene in China, we used to get interview from China. You can check http://www.areadeath.net. You will find some information on Chinese metal scene. We've never played in China .We would love to if we get the opportunities.

14. "Divination" stuff was recorded already in 2001, which is long time, have you got ready something new by now? OK, thanx for the intie.

We would like to thank Storm & Moony who gave us an opportunity of this interview, fans who read this. Hope you'll like our upcoming album. We are doing our best to complete it. Please wait a bit more. See you soon on tour !!

Interviewer : Storm / Hyberned Children's Dreams horrid zine
Interviewee : Yusuke Sumita / DEFILED Guitarist

2005 January 04