Ghoul (U.S.A.)

1. Hello Yusuke ! How are things going over in Japan and for Defiled ?

Hi Andy, we manage to live in Japan which is now hot as hell ! Gee, this is a personal matter but after we came back from the Milwaukee, I went straight away to eat sushi but then I had a terrible stomachache after that. It was so awful. Never in a million years, will I eat Sushi again ! Other members are doing just fine. There was a gig here in Tokyo three days ago and the response of the audience was just so overwhelming and we really enjoyed it. Things are finally starting to get going as I had been hoping it to be. We are still short of money as always but the band is going on just fine.

2. Has there been any other label interest in Defiled ?

Well the fact is that we don't really know more than you do. People who know us (Bands,Fans, Zines and Labels) are very friendly and responsible so I really appreciate that. However, it demands more time for those people to see us as a serious business partner. We have language and geological barriers as we are Japanese but we have to keep on producing good music with our firm policy to how it should be.

3. Are you looking to sign with another label ? or will you continue to put your releases out on your label Bizarre Records?

Sure we want to be released from a well distributed label as possible. So people will get to know Defiled more. As for "Erupted Wrath", Don Decker of Nightfall/Terrorizer Records is trying to spread our music now. we believe he knows U.S. underground and how to deal our CDs so we appreciate him. As for next coming CD, we're already done all recording and mixing. We did it with Tom Morris in Morrisound. But still all things for releasing our CD hasn't decided yet now , probably we'll need a bit time for negotiation with labels but we didn't change our sound just get signed to a bigger label. We have a policy for that. We don't play those groovy Brutal Death which is kind of getting big in the States right now nor do we play Melodic Death that Europeans do so that leads to the fact that labels are not likely to get interested in us for doing business. We have no intentions to selling out all our legal rights to any label. We want to pay for our recording by ourselves and lend the license to labels from Bizarre Records, that's the way we want our contract to be.That's our ideal. If only there is a decent label though.

4.. Defiled has been to America a few times, to record and play gigs. What did you guys think about the states ?

America is big. Things are different in any aspect as compared to Japan. As with the shows, the reaction of Americans seem to be better. Although we play very brutal music, everybody is friendly. Everyone understands that we are doing it just for fun and violence and crime in reality has got nothing to do with the music. Speaking of the recording, we once did recording in Brain Griffin's Studio with him and twice did mixing in Morrisound with Jim and Tom Morris. All of them were excellent . Not only did they know recording techniques but they knew what Death Metal was all about. The works they did were really professional and it did not take them any longer than a minute to understand what kind of sound we wanted them to create. We are so thankful for what they taught us.

5. Have you ever thought of relocating Defiled to America ? Maybe another US tour ? Would be killer to see you guys jam again.

If there's no obstacles concerning with VISA and English, how many times had we thought about it ! Not that we hate Japan but it is much easier to play music in America. There's the scene. Moving to the States would be tough but if we were given any chances, we want to tour the US again. We really thank Incantation for inviting us to our first U.S. tour. We had a good experience. Hopefully we want to do it again in the near future.

6. If you could pick any 3 bands to tour with, who would you like to tour with ??

Umm, too difficult to answer(laughter). Three is just not enough(Laughter). I like so many bands. We want open minded bands. We are Japanese so not racial bands at least...

7. You guys have used Wes Benscoter for a lot of your artwork, any reason why you chose him ? Will he be doing your art in the future as well ? I personally think Wes is an amazing artist. One of my favorites along with Andreas Marshal.

I personally know him and he is a good friend. He lives in Tokyo now. I see him once in a while. I hope him to keep on drawing our Jacket. As a matter of fact he drew our next album and we already have the painting. He is a true artist and he is not doing it for money. The reason why we could build a trustworthy relation was because we met face to face. I know Andreas Marshal draws for Immolation and he sure is a talented painter too. We got to know Wes. We were really lucky. We have to thank him.

8. Off the subject of music, wrestling is a big thing in Japan correct ? Are you or any members of Defiled Wrestling fans ? We do not get FMW or Big Japan broadcasts here but I keep up with it over the web.

Wrestling,,, Sorry, I don't know a bit about it. Perhaps this question better be answered by Hideki, our vocalist. He seems to be so much into wrestling. Our Bassist, Nori is also keen on wrestling. They are talking something that I don't have a clue in the studio quite often. Maybe there is something common between Wrestling and Death Metal. There are many people who both like Death Metal and Wrestling.

9. Well my friends, that is all from me, I wish you much luck in the future, please feel free to end this interview however you please.

Andy, we really appreciate your support. You even made our web. I hope we keep in touch as a close friend as we had been in the past. Thank you for the interview. And thank those who read this. We hope to see you in the near future. Thank you !

Interviewer : Andy St. Germain / Ghoul zine
Interviewee : Yusuke Sumita / DEFILED Guitarist

1999 August 31