Cursed Bible (Singapore)

1) Hail Yusuke ! Let us hear your eternal screams from HELL !

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2) I'm sure a lot of metalheadz out here in Malaysia and Singapore would like to know more about DEFILED. Can you show them the light?

Hello, falks from Malaysia and Singapre! Defiled here from Tokyo, Japan. This is the first time to do an interview from your country. I hope the readers will find some interests in Defiled after reading this. You can know our history from the biography but I will tell more in details in this interview.

3) You would be playing in the Texas Metal Fest on November 6. How does it feel like to play with mighty bands like CATASTROPHIC, FLESHGRIND, DESECRATION and THORN SPAWN ?

It's great ! more than 150great bands came and play together, I got so confused. There were three stages so. You had to check the schedule very carefully so as not to miss the band you wanted to see. And there were occasions when two bands that I had been wanting to see, were playing at the same time. For that tight schedule, maybe that was inevitable but the sound monitor wasn't that good. Defiled had a really hard time for not being able to hear the monitor when we played. Maybe it's really helpless. But it was great to see a lot of people.

4) DEFILED is formed in late 1992 and had experienced a lot of line-up problems. How did you find the will to survive this problem ?

Yeah as you can see on the biography, Defiled was formed in the spring of 1994. But quite a few member changes. I'm sure everyband is determined to stick with the members in the beginning but as time grow by, it becomes more and more difficult. Job, and marriage, difference in musical point of view, various reasons. But this is an avoidable. But I did not like the fact that we couldn't be more active when we had to go through member changes. Sure we had a member change right when we were making a contract with a label and that was a tough experience for us. The album had to be delayed. They weren't like trying to destroy Defiled when they left the band and they had good reasons to leave so. The problems were that for those member changes, we were derived of motivations for the creation of our music, the aggravation of the quality of our music, and perplexity for what our music should be. We have seen a lot of talented going astray for that kind of member changes. The collapse of bands comes within the bands. So I think we ought to have a firm faith and think positively all the time and do the best. That's how we overcame our impediments. We don't want to go through another member change again.

5) I think your "ERUPTED WRATH" CD is truly a masterpiece. How important are the lyrics in the songs ?

Thanks, I appreciate that comment. But as you can see from the dates that were composed, it has been along time till the CD was finally released. All the songs that were in Defeat of Sanity which was released in 94 are in it too. So that means five out of nine songs were actually composed before 94. Unfortunately Defeat of Sanity is not sold any more but we play it at shows and we had member changes and the arrangements are now quite different and we weren't really satisfied with the sound production so we re-recorded it with the current member. I believe it is a good album but it doesn't really represent Defiled of 1999. So for that, before playing in Milwaukee, we recorded seven songs in Tokyo and mixed them at Morrisound with Tom Morris after the shows. We are really happy with the result. Those songs are rather new. I want to make a deal with a label as fast as possible. As for the lyrics, Defiled has its own point of view. We don't deal with splatter films and Satanism. I'm sure none of you want to read typical copies of Cannibal Corpse of Deicide. Of course the lyrics should be as brutal as the music. We have our own point of view. Our theme is the darker side of human mind. The brutality, lies, insanity that everyone of us possess. But not like preachers, we try to be nihilistic.Brainwash is one of the biggest theme for Defiled but we don't just easily support just to criticize Christianity. We don't believe Christianity, Satanism nor any religions. The fact that there are still so many fools that believe in God this very day when even satellites fly around the earth, is so scary. I really think Christians who can not accept Darwin's evolution theory is really dangerous. Aren't they ? Lyrics are important for they come along naturally with the music. So I think the music is more important.

6) What are your metal roots and how long have you been playing the guitar ? Do they in a way or another influenced DEFILED's song-writing ?

Metal roots ? Difficult to say. Probably I was not metal Kid. Because I didn't listen Yngwie Mulmusteen, Van Hallen and Gun's and Roses!! hahaha!When I started the guitar, Death Metal was not even in existence and Thrash metal was thriving. I liked early Death, Possessed, Dark Angel, Devastation, and such. Of course I liked early Slayer, and complicated riffs and rhythm changes of Nasty Savage. I liked progressive rock like Rush too. I have none influence from Pantera and Machine Head. I really hate current shity trend Groove stuffs. Boring to me. Groove Death is not brutal, sick at all. Everyone should aware that. I did not intend make Death Metal, the answer to those bands that I had listened to is what Defiled in more of a 90's version. I don't want to be retrospective and play Thrash metal. I want to make our roots important but I want to aim 21 century's music. Of course other members arrange their own parts and in total too. I think it is important for all the members to arrange music.

7) Why isn't your albums released in Singapore or Malaysia ? Will your albums ever released on vinyl ?

I hope to release it there. I want to have a good opportunity. I want to release Vinyl too. When I started digging into music, there were no CDs, everything was vinyl. I am vinyl generation. Can you guess my age?hahaha! We were gonna release Split 7 EP with Neuraxis from Canada but it's likely to be a split CD for financial matters. CDs are much more cheaper. But releasing a vinyl had been my dream since I was a teenager. Do a lot of people still own record players ? In Japan, the needle is not even produced so the situation is very difficult. Hiphop people still own expensive ones though.

8) Do you think it is important to gain world-wide recognition or are you just happy of what you had achieved right now ?

I don't think we are recognized worldwide, but we don't only want to limit ourselves in domestics only as we are playing music. We are proud of what we have built in the underground too. There is no goal. No Death Metal band is aiming for Grammy award. We do it because we want to. Finance is the last matter that comes to us. It is important for us to create music that we are satisfied with. I'm sure every Death Metal heads possess the same idea and we are gonna continue the best we can so please support us.

9) I can see that you have quite a good relationship with members in MORBID ANGEL. Do you still keep in contact with them ?

Yeah !, but they are busy and so we just exchange mails sometimes, We are living in Tokyo so we don't often see them, The time we actually met them was when we were mixing at Morrisound, the next door was them recording. When we played with Monstrosity and Angel Corpse, they came and saw us. And when they toured Japan, we played with them in Tokyo and Osaka. And we met them again in Texas. So that means we've met them four times. They are friendly and nice people.They support us and the Bass Vocal Steve often wears our shirt on stage. That is a good opportunity for those who don't know Defiled to get interested in us. I appreciate that very much. But we don't want to exploit their kindness for our benefit. There are so many bands who say "We are really close friends with them." so just to impress people. It is just a name dropping to put the bands name on your thanks list who you've only exchanged short social mails once or twice. So saying you have relations with such bands for promoting your own band is not a nice thing to do. Valuation is done by people, not yourself so I don't talk about Morbid Angel to people unless I was asked to. Our music is the only important thing. I really am thankful to them though.

10) What is DEFILED's 'dream label' ?

The important thing is that we are able to create what we want to and be understood about that, and supportive. And the CD to be distributed worldwide is important too. If all that comes true then we don't mind which label. Yet, there are so many people who only think about which label, who think if it was released from a famous label, it ought to be good. Maybe that's natural. But any label who is interested in Defiled should check us out. I'm sure I didn't have to say this to you readers of this fanzine.

11) Do you think Japan is a good place for death metal to flourish ?

Difficult to answer. I don't want to be negative about my home country but maybe it's not the best place to play Death Metal. The scene is very small. Yet there are active bands. So I don't want to say "The Japanese scene sucks." so easily. There are some bands who are under European labels and have toured around Europe. Noise and Grind is said to be thriving in Japan. But maybe they don't want to limit themselves in Japan so they are active worldwide. It is normal as Japan is not the center of that kind of music. We do shows in the weekends with four or five bands and about 120 to 150 people come and see. It is not bad for Death Metal gigs in Japan. But we don't want to be too arrogant by judging the scene, we want to be active ourselves. Japanese scene may not be as thriving as the scenes in America, Europe or South East Asia but I'm sure you will find them in underground distros so check them out. There are some good bands actually.

12) I think you guys have your own label right ? Tell us more about it.

HaHaHa ! I think you are referring to the label that released our mini CD Defeat of Sanity in 1994. I don't know whether I should call that a label or not, but actually the address for Bizarre Records is my address. But it was only to release Defiled so it doesn't play a big role in the scene. But maybe it's not a bad idea to release from Bizarre records again, I sometime think.These days, no matter which label you release from, it is so easy to distribute it worldwide.

13) I was wondering how you felt about the following bands :

i) Hypocrisy

A famous band,, but I haven't really had a chance to hear them. I have seen their Nuclear Blast video. Everyone says they are good so I will check them out. I haven't really dug into European bands.

ii) Deicide

I listened to them a lot before and even today. I respect them. I don't personally know them nor seen them live. I was so stunned by their second album Legion. The album comes in my five fingers. There are so many trendy Death Metal who seem to have lost their aim but this album has the best answer to what brutality is. I don't want to copy Deicide and be a clone but I have learned a lot from them. And I also think Sinister is great.

iii) Fleshgrind

We have nice memories with them .We met them in the summer of 1997 when we recorded at Brian Griffin's studio in Chicago. The vocal Rich came to the studio when we were recording. When we were off, we jammed in there own studio. And he showed us around Chicago with his car. He took us to world's second tallest building and we when to the top floor and drunk beer. HaHaHa! Their faith in the underground is very big. I think they leads the U.S.Mid-West area scene and they should be respected.

iv) Impaled Nazarene

We played with them twice when they toured Japan. Their performance on stage was so powerful. And nice people. Not exactly like American, they don't make merry, nor scream but had a big sense of humor. We want to play with them again sometime.

v) Skinless

They are really nice friends. In fact, we wanted to see Broken Hope before Texas Festival so we dropped to Albany, NY and when we arrived at the airport, they were holding a place card with Defiled's logo. They took us to the show with their car and we spent a night at their house. Next morning, we went to the airport together because they were playing in Texas too. No need to say they are so powerful in the underground, do I ? They are great on stage. Really nice guys.

14) What bands have you guys always wanted to play with ? Is there a certain reason for that ?

This is another difficult question too. There are many bands that I want to play with and luckily, some of them we have played together. There are so many that I want to play with. We really respect Cannibal Corpse, Morbid angel, Vader. but it is difficult to play with welknown bands for labels and management come into consideration. The reason we were able to play with them in their Japan tour was because they recommended us to the promoters in Japan. I really appreciate them for that. I want to play with them again sometime. Not because we get to play in front of a big audience, we get to learn a lot from those people. Their performance, play, sound making, everything is professional. To only concentrate on the underground and ignore major bands is a really big loss, I think sound making and musical performance is what every musicians should try to be professional. If you think stuffs that is poor and cheap is underground, than underground will never be improved. I think its an old idea in the Death Metal scene. But at the same time, they should not be just imitations of major bands. Everybody should try to create something new. There are some bands that I have the CD but haven't met. The ones who've impressed us since we played with are, Monstrosity, Diabolic, Vital Remains, Incantation, Angelcorpse, I like their attitude too. Someday in future we wanna play with Immolation, Cryptopsy, Malevolent Creation,Nile, Sinister, Broken Hope, Centurian and Krisiun too. Maybe they are kind of different from us but we enjoyed playing with Neuraxis in Canada. Oh !!mighty Anal Blast too!!! As for CDs, Deeds of Flesh, Deprecated, Disgorge, and Vile and the Californian scene is worth the attention. And bands like Dying Fetus, Internal bleeding that I met at the festival are brilliant. The layout for Erupted Wrath was done by mighty Chris Perviles the guitar for Internal Bleeding. He's also done works for Fleshgrind, Disfigured and he has done a terrific perfect job. Dying Fetus lent me the guitar tuner in Milwaukee fest. The American Death Metal scene has a big variety. I personally prefer early nineties Death Metal that derives from the eighties Thrash metal.

15) Have you heard of any Malaysia or Singapore death metal bands ? What do you feel about their musical creations ?

I know some of them only by names, I see them a lot in fanzines. But I haven't really had a chance to listen to them. I am very interested so I will check them out. I am sure there are so many great bands. Please give me recommendations. To us, Japanese, we have a image that Death Metal is very big over there. We went to Korea in September and it was really great. Asian scene is not as bad as I thought, maybe. I hope to tour your country in the future. Our friend band Intestate's bassist and drummer told their story when they helped Unholygrave as support members in Malaysia. I saw some pictures and its amazing. We want to go there too.

16) If given a chance to end your life, how would you do it ?

I'd look over what I have said in this interview. and regret your prophecy has come true and die. Do you think it's funny ?hahaha!! I want to die by listening to Death Metal. This is really true.

17)What is DEFILED's future planning ?

I have answered before but we want to release our new album. Everything is done already. The artwork is done and its again by Wes Benscoter. We are talking with some labels right now. I think its important to release it while its still new. I want to release it before the spring of 2000. We are likely to perform in New Jersey Metal March Meltdown Festival. Maybe I don't know yet. But I am making new songs so I hope to enter the studio in between autumn or winter of 2000.

18) On a scale of 10 burning skulls, how would you rate this interview?

It depends on how I have answered this interview. I tried my best, I think. If you have any questions, please mail us. It's funny you asked how I would rate this interview. hahaha!!

19)FREE SPEECH.......

I don't know, I've answered so long to your questions. I think I have answered enough for two or three interviews this time. But interviews are always welcome. We have CDs and T shirts too. The CD is 14 u.s. dollars and you can buy it from Nightfall/Terrorizer Records too. I will include a sticker. T-shirts are 20 u.s. dollars including the postage, but it is high quality and designed by Wes Benscoter so it's worth it. T shirt is only sold by the band. Please don't forget to specify the size.

20) Thank you Yusuke for answering my questions. Any last words before I return to my grave ......

Really, you are going back to the grave ? Kidding me. I'm gonna go to the kitchen, open the fridge and eat something. Then I'll take a bath. hahaha!!! Please don't go to the grave. Anyway, thanks to Hidexan who've given us the chance to do an interview and the stuffs for Cursed Bible. And to you readers. If you get interested in Defiled, buy our CD, or make your friends buy it and listen to it. I hope you like it. If you have a computer, please mail us. Snail mails are welcome too. I hope to see you someday. Thank you.

Interviewer : Hidexan Lee / Cursed Bible zine
Interviewee : Yusuke Sumita / DEFILED Guitarist

1999 November 23