Corpse Gristle (U.S.A.)

1.Defiled what up?

Oh well, we did a show just about two weeks ago in Seoul, South Korea. Lots of people and it was just amazing. Stage divers in every five seconds ! I mean the moshing,,, ! So amazing ! After we came back from Korea, we are playing several cities in Japan not to mention Tokyo, in the weekends. To tell you the truth, we are driving eight hours from now to do a show. It is so exhausting but still very fun. People are reacting better than before. We are playing at a fest in Texas in November so check us out.

2.How do you like playing in America?What are some American bands you listen to?

We go and play there more and more often these days and I respect the scene and the bands but I prefer older stuffs to tell you the truth. I think you can guess that by looking at our T shirts. The drum, Naoki digs into groovy stuffs that are coming out recently. Because I am the oldest in the band, I like Death Metal that derives from 80s Thrash Metal. Its kind of stupid if an old guy started to follow teenagers trend. Those who think Death Metal was at its best in the early 90s should find Defiled worth listening,,, Yet ofcourse we don't try to be anachronistic so we add something to be the band of this era.

3.How did you get the deal with Nightfall records?

When we were touring with Incantation, we met Don Decker from Nightfall Records in Chicago. First, we were made to drunk Vodka and then drunken vocalist, Hideki screamed out our song. And we were invited to Milwaukee 98. That's how it all started,,,,

4.I noticed you finished the album in 1997 why is it just coming out? What was the major delay?

This is a question we have been asked in every interviews after we released our CD. The main is reason is because of two member changes we had had during discussions over the contracts with some labels. Unlike your countries, it is very difficult to find Death Metal members here in Japan. Thinking back from now, we have all now grown up as a more mature musicians so we can recall it like "Did that really happen ?" To gain back our delay, we are now going to put all our efforts.

5.How did you get George Fisher to do back up vocals on the album?

We have been friends since Cannibal Corpse toured Japan in 96. We opened for them. George wears our shirt in their album Vile. Maybe some of you might think they are rockstars living high above the sky but not really. Very friendly guys. When we were mixing at Morrisound, we stayed at George's place for two weeks. Ofcourse he came during the recording and he joined in for friendship. Other guys are really friendly too.

6.Why did you record the album in America?and not Japan? How did you like working with Brian Griffin? How much money did you put into recording?

Not much big difference between the states and Japan when equipment come into consideration. You know, Japan is not behind in technology. But we lack in engineers who truly understand Death Metal. In that point of view, working with Brian was a succession of surprisal. We learned a lot of things from him. We really thought he was a pro. The mixing that Jim Morris did was a work of god. Without them, we wouldn't have been able to release a CD which would be out from the United States. How much we spent ? I forgot. We had to fly over there and so Brian offered us in very low price. And he worked two times harder than usual, I guess. He spoke slowly so we could understand. No word can be found besides thanks.

7.How is the scene in Japan?Do you ever play any shows with Vomit Remnants?

The scene in Japan is still small. There is a scene though. Most of the bands in Japan have financial and language barriers to promote world wide. English is not our Language . We've never played with Vomit Remnants. They are trying to play more Modern Death Metal on the Hard Core side. It 's important to have several types of scenes.

8.Since you are on Nightfall/Terrorizer records do they pay for you to come over here?

We have received what money can't buy from them. Invitation to Milwaukee for twice, and coming Texas too. They are those ones who are promoting us in the States so. Not signing to a label who would just give you money and do nothing for promotion was a luck for us.

9.Are there any pimps in Japan?Is prostitution legal?

Yeah! there are, not that different from your country. Every where its the same.

10.What sort of merchandise do you have for sale?

We have T shirts and CDs. Those of you who are living in the States can ask directly to Nightfall for CDs. is there site. Sticker are supposed to be given to everyone who writes to us and talk to us if we have them on stock. We have L and XL with black background and white print which Wes Benscoter drew for us. 15 bucks. What ? Too expensive ? We are using nice cloth and we don't produce so much so this is the limit. We don't make profits from them so. If you think of the quality, I think it is honest. We are thinking of bringing them to Texas.

11.Thanx for the interview any last words?

Thank you for this enjoyable interview. I hope to see you again in America sometimes. I hope this interview will help you get interested in Defiled. Thank you for reading this interview.

Interviewer : Ricky Lockett / Corpse Gristle zine
Interviewee : Yusuke Sumita / DEFILED Guitarist

1999 October 01