Agonia (Poland)

----------Japanese dragon of metal wakes up. Defiled strikes back recently with its best album recorded again in well known Morisound Studio but this time in colours of label of the US sicko: Killjoy and his Baphomet Records. If you haven't listened to this brand new stuff of the Japanese Death Metal monster you will realise when you listen to it once that you haven't heard before so furious and perfect played Death on top Metal from quite many years. Let's enjoy an interview with Yusuke together!----------

1.Be Greated Defiled ! How are things going there in Japan on? Your homeland's metal scene is still getting bigger and Defiled seems to be a keeper of the extremiest part of this scene. Am I right?

Hi, how are you doing? The Japanese scene isn't big at all but there are enough great bands and the scene is getting better and better. We are proud to be part of the Japanese scene. I hope you get interested in the Japanese scene by reading this interview.

2.Your 3rd album the first in Baphomet's files was just unleashed with co-operation of Necropolis Records. Tell me, are you finally satisfaied with your brand new production?

Yes, off course we are satisfied with the support we get. Needless to say our older label Nightfall/Terrorizer were so supportive to us and we still thank them. I really thank Baphomet and Necropolis for everything they did for the last album.Off course there are parts where I notice the need to be revised in the album, but during the recording we did our best and overall, the outcome isn't bad at all, so we are quite satisfied with it. There's no doubt that our next CD will be much better.

3.This is also the second album you have mixed in mighty Morisound studio. Tell me what was the purpose for mixing each of your realases just in this studio? I myself have to tell you that sound of "Ugliness Revealed" is really imposing !

Thank you. Both of the mixings at Morrisound were great. The first time was with Jim and the second was with Tom. There sure knew what Death Metal is all about by working with bands like Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel. They were both so good at perceiving what kind of sound we wanted. That is really why we went there for twice. If itís possible, we want to do our next recording again at Morrisound. I am really proud and happy about the fact you liked " Ugliness Revealed."

4.The album contains numerous part of intros... So, has it also some concept of the whole?

Yes, that's right. The album has a concept. The three bonus tracks might eliminate the feeling of the concept though. The concept is the darker side of inner human mind. If you listen through with the lyrics, you will easily understand. The intros are made to fit with the next track's concept and image. But we put IDs between the intros and songs so people who don't want to hear each intros can skip them. I think this is pretty convenient.

5.Your very first stuff was realased yourselves. But the second album was realased through Nightfall/Terrorizer Records. Why did you leave this label and decided to sign to Baphomet Records?

Our first release was our self-releaseed 5 song mini, "Defeat of Sanity" in 94. 1000 copies were pressed and it's out of stock. Our second release was out from Nightfall/Terrorizer and it was perhaps perceived in the States and Europe as our first release. "Defeat of Sanity" was mainly sold only in Japan. We really thank Nightfall/Terrorizer and we are still in good relations.They were the first to give us the chances. The contract says not over several albums but only for "Erupted Wrath".We came to know Killjoy at a Metalfest soon after "Erupted Wrath" was released and he took interests in us, and so "Ugliness Revealed" was released from Baphomet Records.

6.I'm also curious to know how is looking interest in your music in your homeland, Japan? Was there any label interested to publish your vomits, too? I myself beside Defiled know only Transgressor as far as Death Metal is concerned (of course I know a lot of other bands from the land, like Metalucifer, Sabbat, Fatima Hill, Narcotic Greed, Cut Throat, Abigail, Sigh, Ritual Carnage, ). Is there wider scene for Death Metal too? What about the underground there?

We put our priority in weather we enjoy it or not. Isn't that the most important thing? There were a few labels who got interested in our music but I don't think it's worth mentioning them all here. Right now, we are happy with our labels and their support. Both Baphomet and Necropolis are supporting us very hard. Off course we really thank no only our labels but our fans. As I said in the beginning, the Japanese Death Metal scene isn't that big, but it's not bad at all. Oh!, you know a lot of Japanese bands ! I am surprised. I hope you keep on supporting the Japanese scene. The Polish scene is great but there are many great bands in Japan too.

7.Returning to topics of the band, there was a lot of line-up changes. Is the present line up much more stable than previous ones? Is that easy to find right musicans dedicated to Death Metal in Japan?

Given that we've been around from '92, it is quite inevitable for us to have gone through some member changes. It is helpless for long surviving bands whether it be for musical differences or domestic reasons. Of course it would be much better to go without any member changes but we would rather have member changes and stick with our policy we had from the beginning than have no member changes but have musical changes. In that sense, I am the only original member, but as long as I am part of Defiled, we won't change our style nor our sound. We can make progress but we will never change our policy. It would be betraying ourselves as well as our fans. I wish we can go on forever with our current members but nobody knows the future. I don't want you to get wrong when I say we won't change our policy, I don't mention Defiled is my dictatorial project band. It is a democratic band. It can be said in any country but finding professional musicians is very difficult. Is that so in Poland?

8.When I read an interview with Kriusun, those guys told that their band is much more than just a band. They told that Kriusun is a three piece Death Metal Commune. What do you think about it? Is Defiled much more than just a band too? What is the purpose in playing brutal Death Metal in your case?

I think Krisiun's attitude towards Death Metal is great. They are worth a respect. We Defiled also won't be second in respecting Death Metal! In Japan, our style is out of trend but regardless of the trends, we just love what we do. I can definitely say that the most important things in my life are Death Metal and Defiled. Why we play Brutal Death? The answer is simple. It's because it is the most lovable music for me, and it is the most important thing in my life. That won't change.

9.You have shared stage together with Vader on their Japanese tour. How did you enjoy those performances? Are you satisfaied? What is your own opinion on those Polish deathers?

The show with Vader was excellent. We ourselves were big fans of Vader so we got so excited when we knew we were going to be playing with them. Vader's live was as I just had been imagining, not at all disappointing my anticipation. Apart from Vader, Polish bands have good potentials. Decapitated, Hate, Yattering, Damnable, I know several Polish bands. In my opinion, Poland is one of the best producers of Death Metal. I will definitely keep an eye on Poland.

10.Recently, you have been also performing on Metal Meltdown Festival in New Jersey. Some friends of mine told me that this isn't so good as it was recently.What do you think of this year Fest? Did you enjoy that?

I guess what you are saying is about the sound production. Yeah, the sound was not good when we played. I think that goes the same to any bands. From a performer's view, nothing was audible. The monitors were just making noise so they had rather been gone. It made me difficult to hear the drums. Honestly speaking, all the bands seemed to be having difficult times. No one had the chance to check the sound before going up on stage. We had to go on the stage right after the previous band ended. We didn't even have the chance to check the volume of the amps and the balance of the monitors. There sure were many bands that had no idea what kind of sound they were making to the audience. But these things are common for Metalfests, I don't complain about them. There are some bands who refuse to play under such conditions. But for us, we can see many bands at once and we get to see a lot of people, so if there will be offers, we will still want to play at Metalfests. I do think the sound must be improved though. But that's a trivial thing. Overall, Metalfests are great events.

11.And are you satisfaied being signed to a label of legendary man, Killjoy of Necrophagia - hahaha - ? I think, Killjoy does his best to support the band, doesn't he?

Killjoy definitely gave us a chance. Not to mention Necrophagia was our favourite, so we got really excited when we are doing business with Baphomet. I really am grateful for his self-sacrificing support.

12.Ok, thank you very much for taking your time to complete the interview. Infernal hailz to Thee!

First, I want to thank you for reading this long interview and Filip and the stuffs from AgoniAzine. Unfortunately when we toured over Europe with Dementor, we couldn't go to Poland. Next time when we are touring Europe, we will definitely want to go to Poland. I hope readers of this interview get interested in Defiled. Ok see you at a concert hall in Poland. Thank you for your support, bye!

Intwerviewer : Filip / Agonia zine
Interviewee : Yusuke Sumita / DEFILED Guitarist

2002 April 21