Aardshock (The Netherlands)

1. Let's hear something about your history first. Defiled was formed in 1992 already. For your official debut we had to wait till 1999. What happened in the meantime?

Yes, it's obviously we started in 1992 ! But numerous drummer changes had been making us annoyed. To get proffesional death metal drummer is very difficult thing in Japan. We'd been floundering with lots of eventualities for years. We've been doing our best in any time and finally our countless efforts led us our U.S. debut 'Erupted Wrath' in 1999.

2. 'Divination' is your third album. It is the first release on Season Of Mist. What was the reason to quit your former label?

It was just a one-shot contract with Baphomet/Necropolis.They obviously did their best for 'Ugliness Revealed' (our former release) and we appreciate their supports very much. Every time we're choosing the best label and there's no other intention. This time we're looking for European markets as well as U.S.markets. Season of Mist promised us their best promotion and eventually we have signed with them for 'Divination'. Now we're very excited to work with them !

3. Defiled stands for ultra brutal death metal that can be compared to bands such as Cryptopsy and Dying Fetus. I think you're doing a great job, but why does your biography tells us you are unique in that genre? I don't really agree on that, I don't think you are bringing us something really new... Please respond to that.

Yes, many times we're compared with some others and it's probably unavoidable.There're some great brutal acts that we repect. But it doesn't mean we're trying to immitate their music however our songs also include typical death metal elements. (low voices, distorted guitar sounds and blast beats...) Please listen our music carefully. Then you will find differences clearly.We hate to be someone's copycat. Being original musically is very important for us.

4. Why is your album called 'Divination'? What are the lyrics exactly about?

Well...that album tittle means many things. You can feel free to take it any meaning. One of meaning is that we think album 'Divination' must be our first bomb for European markets. As for our lyrics, they're about mental confusion, inner hatred and dark matters in our minds. We believe lyrics should be matched with music.

5. What's the situation in Japan like? Is there enough spirit for metal in your country? Are you in contact with familiar metal bands?

Not bad at all however the local scene is not so big yet. Usually we play in a small club and about 80-130 people come our show. There're lots of diving, moshing and slamming. Tokyo underground scene is flourishing. We are in contact with Sigh, Merzbow, Vomit Remnants, Sabbat, CSSO and Ritual Carnage etc...They're good friends as well as respectable musicians.

6. Please tell us what your plans are for the near future. Will you do some shows in Europe for example?

Now we're preparing new material for our next full-length album. Of course we're looking for getting a chance to tour in Europe. Hope see you soon on tour ! Until then please buy and listen our new album ! Thank you very much !

Interviewer : Leon / Aardshock zine
Interviewee : Yusuke Sumita / DEFILED Guitarist

2003 July 20