7 Gates Mega-Sin (Poland)

1. "Divination" is a great album in my opinion. Capturing real advantage of death metal, it isn't schematic... I believe that bands like Defiled are bringing some freshness to this numb style.

Thanks for your praise on our new "Divination" album! Yeah, this is obviously the best effort for us DEFILED and we are really happy with it. And yes, you're right. Our style is not diagrammatic or commonplace at all. Breaking the stylised form of music is actually one of our important aims, and we wanna be original. We are always trying to make our songs unique and abnormal.

2. Maybe I'm wrong but there are some influences of noise music on "Divination" in my opinion. Perhaps it's just a coincidence but lots of great noise bands come from Japan. What do you think 'bout this scene and its prospective connection with Defiled's music?

Uh, maybe... I should say "yes". Basically we avoid intentionally getting influenced by other bands because we wanna be original, that is to say "one and only", but it's also a fact simultaneously that we have great noise/avant-garde bands here in Japan as you said and some of us are familiar with that genre. Well, for example I just went to see a Progressive/Electronic band called Opabinia last weekend and really enjoyed the show. Anyway, we respect the musicians who are trying to break the musical limits, they should be called the innovators of Sound, and certainly there are some in Japan whom we sympathize with.

3. Is it true that Defiled played concert along with Merzbow?

Yes, twice. The shows we had with Masami (Merzbow) were really killer! First we played a song written only for the night with him, receiving an encore. Then, a few months later, we played together again and at that show, we just lacked our bassist Norihisa because of his disease and we had our full stage with Masami. He added crazy big noise to our songs and it was the most violent sound that man ever created, definitely! Anyway, we really enjoyed that collaboration and still are interested in doing these kinds of exciting things again anytime.

4. I suppose that pure death metal isn't only inspiration of yours. Am I right?

Yes, you're quite right. We do not listen only to Death Metal but also many kinds of music. Norihisa and Yuichi, our rhythm section is into fusion. The guys had formal education at music schools and well trained actually. Yusuke, the guitarist loves classic music of its avant-garde way very much like Holst, Schenberg, or Stravinski and you can find those elements in our songs. I'm a big fan of old rock/folk and Cactus is my most favourite. But, please don't forget that we all love Metal, of course!

5. You have a great bass player. His parts enrich music with another interesting element, although it's interesting anyway. Bass player seems to like Primus for example a lot...

Yes, we are proud of having him. I don't know well if he likes Primus, but his bass playing that is moving around is yes as unique as Les Claypoolfs. As you found, Norihisa always weaves strange phrases into here and there, and it brings our sound unique weirdness. By the way, his favourite bassists are Marcus Miller and Victor Wooten, he said.

6. Is it true that you can play piano very well? Have you ever thought 'bout adding its parts to Defiled's music?

Whom did you hear this from?? Yusuke can play keyboards though he says not so well at it in fact. When we feel it's good we'll add it to the songs but don't think so far!

7. Could you tell me few words about the trip to Korea and the shows you played there? I've read that bands from abroad aren't allowed to play there those days. Why?

Well, only Japanese bands were forbidden to play there when we actually played first time in '97. The Korean government had prohibited all Japanese cultures then, not only music, because they thought it's harmful to allow the cultures from an aggressor nation, a war criminal country for them, yes from Japan. But now it became almost free actually. The Government has changed, and the policy too. We played in last year too and had no problem then. Korean fans are very honest and we love to play there.

8. Guys from Ritual Carnage wrote me, that Japanese bands are often not appreciated just because of their Japanese descent. Would you agree?

Sorry but I don't know what's "descent"?? What did Danny say??

9. Have you ever faced something like racism during the foreign tours? You know, metal should be free of this kind of ideological shit in my opinion.

Unfortunately yes. Some Neo-Nazi heads threw beer bottles to us in a certain country in Europe. But I don't think they are Metal fans and it's a relief. Well, it's free for anyone to have his own ideas and principles, but, don't turn it to me or I will fuck you off. Anyway, nothing but music is important for any band. All we can do is to do our best on stage and we definitely will kick everyonefs ass, you know!

10. Is it true that Incantation asked you guys to play with them a tour in United States?

No, we just forced in their US tour! Yeah, we toured the states for three weeks with mighty Incantation in '98 and that was one of the best tour we've ever had! Had much fun and really enjoyed. And got great responses! We hope to tour with them again someday soon!

11. Is it possible that Japanese culture has anyhow influenced your music? Musicians of Sigh think that it's possible, and the musicians of already mentioned Ritual Carnage - on the contrary.

It's definitely possible and we're much influenced practically, I think. For example, well, letfs check out my lyrics, I'm influenced much from the brutality of Eastern philosophy and you can find some significance or Eastern originality here. Everyone must have been influenced from his belongings and no one can evade from it.

12. Many people consider Sigh best Japanese band. Would you agree or not? Have you ever shared the stage with them?

Yeah, we play with them here in Tokyo so frequently! May share it again in this July. Mirai is my senior at the university and we often hang out together. He helped DEFILED once when Norihisa was sick, yeah the same time I mentioned before. We welcomed him then as a session theremin player and had a show together. Anyway, yes, SIGH is great and I have no objection to that view. They are quite original and always create reformist sound. I love their music.

13. You started with the band in early 90'. Was the inspiration for founding Defiled influence of western death metal bands or the ones from your native country?

We thought Death Metal as a progressed form of Thrash Metal then and the inspirations were mainly from '80s western Thrash metal bands like POSSESSED, KERATOR, DEATHROW, EXODUS, SACRIFICE, DESTRUCTION and many more.

14. You played as a support for Vader when they recorded "Live in Japan". How did you like that event?

Yes, we opened for them that night and it was great!

15. What are most unwanted elements of today's death metal in your opinion?

Every band should go on its way. There's no need for everyone to follow or imitate others. Basically, I think it is still possible describing Death Metal as the most brutal style of music on this planet and I'm proud of myself being a part of this genre. I think Death Metal will stay in this position, as far as the bands keep their progress. We, the Death Metal bands evolved these 10-15 years and there still are much areas left to be developed. Death Metal is, as a matter of fact, broad-minded opposed to its looks, and we found no limits here musically. And thatfs why we love and keep doing this kind of music.

Interviewee : Hideki Fujimoto / DEFILED vocalist
2003 May 07