Meeting for MBIRA lover

- MBIRA is your soul mate -

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Manifesto of "Meeting for MBIRA lover"What is gMeeting for MBIRA loverh?
MBIRA pictorial bookWhat is MBIRA? What thing is it?
"Meeting for MBIRA lover" event informationMBIRA session and etc. New participants are welcomed.
MBIRA classroomWe are trying hard to make this page for beginners to learn MBIRA easily.
MBIRA informationIntroduction of a sound source, books, etc
Secret conference room of Project MBIRA-izing JapanBBS
"Meeting for MBIRA lover" linklink of sites related to MBIRA
It aids freely
We support Japanese MBIRA & KALIMBA players at our own choice.
When Formula website is made, I think that it will cancel expansively.
Hiromi Kondo
Sakaki mango

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mail adressPlease give mail, if there are an opinion, a demand, and encouragement.
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