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Foreign nationals are permitted to work to the extent allowed under his/her status of residence on the basis of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act (hereinafter referred to as ”the Immigration Control Act”). All foreign nationals entering and staying in Japan need to acquire proper Eligibility.

Application for Certificate of Eligibility (Engineer, Specialist in Humanities/ International Services Visa) Employment of foreign nationals as an assistant language teacher, as an interpreter, for trading section etc.
Employment of a foreign national IT engineer.
(Skilled Labor Visa) Employment of chefs specializing in the Indian food, Chinese food, etc.
(Intra-ompany Transferee Visa) People transferred to the Japanese branch from the head office overseas.
(Dependent Visa, Family Stays Visa) Working or studying in Japan, I want to invite my family from overseas.
(Spouse or Child of Japanese National Visa) Having been married to a foreign national, I want to invite my spouse to Japan.
(Spouse or child of Japanese national, Long-term resident Visa ) I want to invite Nikkei relatives from overseas.
Certificate of Eligibility verifies that activities of foreign nationals, who are going to stay in Japan over 90 days, are authorized by the Minister of Justice under a status of residence stated by the Immigration Control Act.
If you employ foreign nationals from overseas, generally you must apply for Certificate of Eligibility.
Application for Short-Term Stay A stay of foreign national for business meeting, visiting relatives etc.
Application for Extension of Period of Stay I want to continue staying in Japan under the same status of residence.
Application for Certificate of Authorized Employment Changing jobs, I want to work with a new employer under the same status of residence (visa).
Application for Permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted Being a college student, I want to work.
If foreign residents under his/her status of residence of "Student" or "Dependent (Family-Stay)" work in Japan, the foreign nationals must obtain permission at immigration office to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted. Then the foreign residents are allowed to work for not more than 28 hours a week as a general rule.
Application for Permission to acquire Status of Residence A baby has been born in Japan.
Application for Change of status of residence Having been a student, I am going to work.
Getting married to a Japanese national, I am going to be a spouse.
Establishing a company, I am going to start my own business.
Application for Business Manager Visa Establishing a company in Japan, I am going to change my status of residence (visa).
Establishment of Japanese Branch of Foreign Company Establishing a branch in Japan, I am going to become a president of the branch.
Application for Permission for Permanent Residence Having been married to a Japanese national for over 3 years and lived in Japan as a spouse for 1 year. I am going to apply for a permanent resident visa.
Application for Re-entry Permission Departing from Japan, I intend to re-enter Japan after some business abroad.
Application for Acquisition of Japanese Nationality I want to acquire Japanese nationality.
Any other application could be arranged!


Immigration offices are always busy and you need to wait for a long time. In the case of your visa extension or a change of your visa status, you are required to visit the immigration office twice; for the submission of your application and to pick up your new resident card (Zairyu card). We can pick up your new resident card on your behalf in addition to the submission and preparation of the application.
For full-time workers and housewives with children who want to save time and so on, FUTABA OFFICE offers expert services with reasonable fees with satisfying consultations.
If you start your own business in Japan, we support you throughout the process from the establishment of a company, foreign national branches to acquisition of Certificate of Eligibility (visa) such as "Business Manager", "Intra-company transferee" etc.
Also being tied up with offices of Attorney, Shiho-Shosi Lawyer and Certified Public Accountant, we can provide the best support on customers' various needs.
Please feel free to contact us!

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