Words & Music by George Azuma


My name is Maria, Ifm the one from Bethany.

I lived in the past, but immortalized.

Ifm living inside of you. You know It could be a funny

He was my boy friend, looks to kill

I was a fool before, but ever since I know him,

He changed everything around me and helped my ill

Then the time has come for him to leave me behind.

I couldnft believe what was happening at that time.

Surely, it was my lover, taking in by authorities.

What was he done? Canft commit a clime

He was trapped with other men, heading straight to hell.

Oh, god, help me make us back together.


Meaningless silence among the people.

Seamless violence within the circle

Timeless pain sustains in fatal

Oh All I heard was gKill Them Allh

gKill Them Allh


My name is Maria, standing on the top of the hill

He carries the burden of his life on the shoulder

Hours and hours past, couldn't overcome his death.

But then the wall of sky breaks out in two

Kingdom was long gone with his memory.

But we can never, forget that story.