Media Arts in Japan: Cinema, Video, Intermedia, 1951-1995

This PhD. Thesis on Japanese Media Arts has been written in French & Japanese. Footnotes and illustrations will be added gradually. The Japanese version has been presented at the University of Tsukuba, Doctoral Program in Art and Design, in 1996, supervised by prof. Mitamura Shunsuke (board of examiners: Mitamura Shunsuke, Yamaguchi Katsuhiro, Omuka Toshiharu, Mitsui Hideki). The official report is here (

The French version has been presented at INALCO, Paris, dept. of Japanese Studies (Language, Litterature & Civilisation) in 1997, supervised by prof. Jean-Jacques Origas (board of examiners :  Jean-Jacques Origas, Fujimori Bunkichi, Anne Cauquelin, Augustin Berque, Costin Miereanu, François Macé).

Table of Contents (Japanese, French)

00- Introduction (Japanese - French)

01- History of Media Arts in Japan:
-Cinema  (Japanese - French)
-Intermedia - Video (Japanese - French)

02- Terayama Shuji (Japanese - French)
03- Iimura Takahiko (Japanese - French)
04- Matsumoto Toshio (Japanese - French)
05- Nakaya Fujiko (Japanese - French)
06- Yamaguchi Katsuhiro (Japanese - French)
07- Yamamoto Keigo (Japanese - French)
08- Nakajima Kô (Japanese)
09- Kawaguchi Yôichirô (Japanese)

10- Conclusion (Japanese - French):
-Arts and technology
-Yamaguchi and Matsumoto: Two Visions of Space
-Arts, Media and Social Conscience
-From "TV Chidren" to "Computer Children"
-Indetermination of Form, Contents and Methods
-Indetermination of Movement
-Between Microcosm and Macrocosm
-Arts and Collective Experiences

1-Index of persons, groups, works and events