news 2004-2005

2005 December 15
Dickson Dee live at Musabi
with Zbigniew Karkowski

16:30 bldg#12
video atelier 1F

香港の実験音楽のミュージシャンとプロデューサー、ディクソン・ディー氏(Dickson Dee)は90年代からindustrial noiseやexperimental electronic musicを制作しています。John ZornのTzadikレーベルにおいCDをリリースし、大友良英、灰野敬二、Jon Rose、Werner Dafeldecker、Tujiko Noriko等とコラボレーションを行い、また中国の伝統楽器と電子音楽による作曲、それからチベット音楽の学術研究も行っています。

今回の課外講座では、中国の現代音楽とサウンドアートの現況、それから自分の音楽活動についてレクチャーをしていただきます。また、国際的なミュージシャ ンのZbigniew Karkowski氏と、映像作家の野尻敦子さんとコンサートも行います。

2005 December 10
CCMC 2005
Contemporary Computer Music Concert 2005

Musiques electroniques sur acousmonium
Institut Franco-Japonais de Tokyo (espace image)
organizer: NARITA Kazuko

15:30~16:30 : Christophe Charles : und[i]rected (for 8 audio channels)
10min presentation + 50 minutes concert with electronic interactive graphic by TSUJI Tetsuro.

2005 December 9

ーelectronic sideー
18:00 start
@shibuya o-nest
Pan american(kranky) from USA
sim (weather)
NUMB vs Christophe CHARLES (19:00〜19:40)
DJ: tacky(SPLUCK)

ーvoices sideー(ONJO/OUT TO LINCH CD発売記念)
@shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE

ONJO/Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Orchestra
sighboat -1 (minus one) with special guests Takuji Aoyagi & Tsutomu Kurihara

2005 December 5
Carsten Nicolai

about "Syn chron" and "Anti-reflex"

live and lecture
Musashino Art University
bldg#12 - 1F video atelier

free entrance

2005 December 2
Tokyo Stream

12pm (UK time) - 9AM (Japan time) 

Live link Nottingham-Tokyo – audio and visual and collaborations will emerge between Nottingham and Tokyo which the audience will be welcome to participate in--

with (Nottingham)
Johnny Scarr and Mike Lomon
Lief Griffith & friends
Herbs of sound - improvised music
King Bad Boy - crazy costume - crazy dance
& Emma Lewis

and (Tokyo)
Lynn Lu
Sha Rei Kei
Tomizawa Takami
Koyanagi Junji
Nagao Yuichi
Takagi Mineshi
Usami Tatsuya
& Christophe Charles

venue :
Broadway Cinema
14 -18 Broad Street

2005 November 23
ICC Tokyo

Christophe Charles + PicoPico Stomachs

streaming with ESA (Ecole Speciale d'Aix-en Provence) SYMPOSIUM AUDIO/ESPACES/RESEAUX
les 22 et 23 novembre 2005


[Student Consortium: Lib-LIVE!]


Date:  November 18(Fri)-27(Sun), 2005/10:00-18:00 closed Monday
admission free
Venue: ICC 4F
Organizer: NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC]
Cooperation: IAMAS, Tama Art University, Tokyo National University of
Fine Arts and Music, Tokyo Zokei University, Musashino Art University

Student Consortium: Lib-LIVE!

Lib-LIVE! is a project unprecedented in the way it connects people to other people and centers on people's dialogues with each other. We conceived of the idea of Lib-LIVE! in an effort to create a project that utilizes the flexibility of students. This project archives the approaches to media and technology by various people connected to expression, and is open as a library in order to secure possibilities for expression that exceeds not only media art, but all existing fields. Through this, we hope to become aware of problems we must consider as people educated in media art, and to discover problems in the future. Further, this project is a reconfirmation of the existence of media art in art, society, and culture as well as our existence, and it aims to simultaneously serve as a place to recreate their positions. Lib-LIVE! is a project designed to create dialogue through interviews and questionnaires. Through the continuation of this project, not only is it possible to archive past events, but also creates archives with a mind to the future. This library will continue to develop, not only by obtaining information, but also through continuation and participation, being a place that promotes communication.

---Committee members, Student Consortium

-Talk event

"Lib−LIVE! #000:Lib-LIVE?"
Committee members of "Student Consortium: Lib-LIVE!" will talk about the
origin, concept, and the actual process to make it happen.
Date:  November 23(Wed), 2005/14:00-15:30
Capacity: 50 person
Venue: ICC 4F
admission free
Committee members:
Fumi Hirota (IAMAS[Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences]),Junji
Koyanagi (Musashino Art University),Kei Komachiya (Tokyo National
University of Fine Arts and Music),Takayuki Nakamura (Tokyo Zokei
University),Tomoya Watanabe (Tama Art University) + Yukiko Shikata (ICC)
*will be broadcasted on the internet.(only in Japaneese)

-Live event
"Lib−LIVE! #001"
Live performance inviting five sets of artists from the universities
participating to this project.
Date:  November 23(Wed), 2005/19:00-21:00
Capacity: 70 person
Venue: ICC 4F
admission free
auranoisazzzzz('&"}zz*+!=0)$#'&ΩΩzzzΩ(Tokyo Zokei University)
Tetsurou Tsuji (Musashino Art University)
The Breadboard Band (IAMAS)
Marina Yanagisawa(Tama Art University)
pico pico stomachs + Yui Onodera + christophe charles (Musashino Art
University, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music)
*will be broadcasted on the internet.

-Talk event
"Lib−LIVE! #002:The Living Library"
Committee members invite Eishi Katsura to talk about the visions and
possibilities of the Living Library including Lib-LIVE!
Date:  November 26(Wed), 2005/16:30-18:00
Capacity: 50 person
Venue: Entrance Lobby, ICC 4F
admission free
Eishi Katsura (Associate professor, Inter Media Course, Tokyo National
University of Fine Arts and Music), Committee members, Yukiko Shikata (ICC)
*will be broadcasted on the internet.(only in Japanese)

-Live event
"Lib−LIVE! #003"
Live performance inviting two sets of artists from the universities
participating to this project + special guests!
Date:  November 27(Wed), 2005/19:30-21:30
Capacity:70 person
Venue: Entrance Lobby, ICC 4F
admission free
Yoshihiro Kawazoe + Tsupourunu
Akihiko Tanigutci(Tama Art University)
Fuyuki Yamakawa
Daito Manabe + Satoshi HORII
*will be broadcasted on the internet.

Project incubator:
Yukiko Shikata (ICC)
Committee members:
Fumi Hirota (IAMAS[Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences])
Junji Koyanagi (Musashino Art University)
Kei Komachiya (Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music)
Takayuki Nakamura (Tokyo Zokei University)
Tomoya Watanabe (Tama Art University)

2005 November 5
Marble Tron

Boris d Hegenbart
Yoshio Machida
Voima (laptop duo)
Opitope (laptop duo)
Christophe Charles

SALON by marbletron
〒166-0003 東京都杉並区高円寺南 2-14-2 2F
TEL 03-5934-8100/E-mail

2005 October 23

taishi kamiya (from ku)
plot. (涼音堂茶舗, tar100mg records)
mondii (plop)
four color (cubic music, 12k)
FilFla (plop)
Koyanagi Junji (ONZO)
Christophe Charles

at GALLERY門馬 (Monma)
Sapporo Chuoku Asahigaoka 2-3-38

ticket adv./2,000yen_day/2,500yen


2005 October 23
movement research at the judson church "about town"

Jou (Tokyo, Japan) - Music : Christophe Charles
Jbird Leary
Anna Sperber

Location:  Dance Theater Workshop
219 W. 19th Street (between 7th and 8th Avenues)
New York City

2005 October 22
IEAD in Sapporo

19:00 Concert by Christophe Charles, Koyanagi Junji  & Kikuchi Haruma
(video & sound, 45 minutes)
followed by a performance by
"Ano yo no dekigoto":
Muronoi Yoko (dance) + Takahashi Ikuro (music)

at Spica Hall, center Sapporo

2005 October 13+14
Kafka  架蜉架
Project Fukurow Dance Company

music: Christophe Charles

13 octobre, 11h30-13h00 : short performance (15 minutes) + talk
14 octobre, 20h00 :  Kafka (55 minutes)

Lieu : Centre des Arts,
16 rue de la Libération, 95800 Enghien-les-Bains (France)
Tél. informations et réservation :
E-mail :
La compagnie japonaise Project Fukurow, fondée en 1996 par Ishikawa Fukurow, explore différents modes d'expressions tels que les écritures chorégraphiques, les arts cinétiques et les arts visuels. Sur scène, les robots et les danseurs tissent des relations qui relèvent tour à tour de l'étrangeté, de la fascination, du mimétisme ou du conflit.

Rencontres, débats, performances, ateliers
Bains numériques #1

Rencontres internationales de la scène numérique - danse et nouvelles technologies
les 13, 14 et 15 octobre 2005,
Lieu : Centre des Arts,
16 rue de la Libération, 95800 Enghien-les-Bains (France)
Tél. informations et réservation :
E-mail :

La 1ère édition de « Bains numériques » propose une réflexion sur l'intégration des arts numériques aux arts chorégraphiques, à travers des exemples japonais, canadiens et français. Le jeudi 13 octobre est consacré au Japon : avec la Compagnie Project Fukurow et son chorégraphe Ishikawa Fukurow ; et avec la Compagnie Baby-Q et son chorégraphe Yoko Higashino.

2005 October 3
MUKAI Chie @ Kid Ailack Hall


Mukai Chie (Er-hu, Voice, Dance) + Christophe Charles (Computer)

2005 October 1-2, October 7-10
The Digital Interconnection Part. 7


Bend Anything! 何でもベンドしてみよう!

「ベンディング」とは、身のまわりにある既成のものを改造して、そこから新しい音や光を生みだすことだ。改造するものは何 でもいい。電子回 路を改造すればサーキット・ベンディングだし、スピーカーを改造すればスピーカー・ベンディング。ファイルを改造すればデータ・ベンディングで、プログラ ムを改造すればソフトウェア・ベンディングだ。人間を改造してしまえば、それはきっとヒューマン・ベンディングと呼ばれるだろう。重要なのはベンディング によって、それまで隠されていた未知の機能を発掘し、そこから予想外の使用法を発見したり、新たな意味や美学を創造することだ。

今回開催される「bend++」は大きく2部に分れている。 10月の1〜2日に開催される第1部は、ベンディング の世界を探求するベンダー達の祭典だ。ベンディングの入門ワーク ショップや大学対抗のコンサート、誰でも参加できるベンディング自慢 やベンディングの達人によるパフォーマンスが行なわれる。10月 の7〜10日に行われる第2部では、このベンディング 文化を背景とした、新進気鋭の学生アーティスト達によるメディア・インスタレーションの展示が行われる。


主催        町田市立国際版画美術館
○第一部 レクチャー/ワークショップ/コンサート
    12:00〜14:00  魅惑のbending:bending入門ワークショップ
    14:30〜17:00  bending天国:bending アンサンブル (事前エントリー制)
    12:00〜14:00  インターカレッジ bending フェスティバル
        ・多摩美術大学 情報芸術コース(サウンド&メディア・アー ト研究室:久保田晃弘、三上晴子)
        ・The Breadboard Band (IAMAS)     ・・・ほか
    14:00〜15:00  ドークボットアワー byドークボット東京
        15:00〜17:00  スーパー・ベンダーズ―bendingの鉄人
        ・SASW + Asuna
             ・The Benders (沖 啓介、久保田晃弘、堀尾寛太)
        ・クリストフ・シャルル    ・・・ほか

 ○第二部 メディア・インスタレーション展示
  2005年10月7日(金)〜10(月、祝) ※11:00〜17:00
     new trend of media installation bending circus media art, interactive
     多摩美術大学 情報芸術コース(サウンド&メディア・アー ト研究室:久保田晃弘、三上晴子)
     東京造形大学 メディア造形、メディアデザイン学科、沖啓介ゼミ:長嶋昭衡、中村崇之、野村聡
     武蔵野美術大学映像学科シャルルゼミ(メディアアート)   ・・・ほか 

問合先  町田市立国際版画美術館 〒194東京都町田市原町田4−28−1 TEL.042-726-2771

2005 September 29
Dance Contact - Aoyama Gekijou
start 19:00
3500 yens

イ・ユンジョン 李_柾 Lee Yun-Jung 振付・出演「そのまま」
ユン・スンへ 尹承惠 Yun Seung-Hye 振付・出演「眠れないマクベス」
ユ・ソンシク 兪宣植 Yoo Sun-Sik 振付・出演「二足動物」
森下真樹 Morishita Maki 振付・出演「デビュタントDEBUTANTE」
高野美和子 Takano Miwako 振付・出演「fragment vol.4」

ハン・ヒョリム 韓孝林 Han Hyo-Lim 振付・出演「空」
イ・ジウン 李知恩 Lee Ji-Eun & イン・ジョンジュウ 印庭珠 Ihn Jung-Joo振付・出演「sun rise, sun set」
JOU 振付・出演「Hanabi」ライブ音楽:Christophe CHARLES
康本雅子Yasumoto Masako振付・出演「耳と口びら」
イ・キョンウン 李慶殷 Lee Kyung-Eun & 斎藤栄治 Saito Eiji振付・出演「SAI-間-」

※ 各プログラムとも上演順未定

後援:駐日韓国大使館 韓国文化院
制作協力:オフィス☆ダム/Dance in Deed!

チケット 3,500円(自由席・消費税込)8月20日(土)発売開始
 音声認識予約/オールジャンル受付 ?0570-02-9999[Pコード: - ]
 オペレーター予約/演劇専用 ?0570-02-9988
Dance in Deed! (オンライン予約)

TEL:03-3797-5678 〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前5-53-1

2005 September 24 (Sat)
「打鈍 dadunr 」
Mukai Chie 向井千惠 (胡弓,dance) /
Yamamoto Seiichi 山本精一 (guitar) /
Nakano Kei 中野圭 (video)
Christophe CHARLES (computer)

Tokyo Shibuya Koendoori Classics

2005 September 12
Yoko Miura (piano) + Christophe Charles (computer)
at Penguin House, Tokyo
start 21:30
1600yens + 1 drink

2005 Autumn
"Placode" CD release
aluminum packaged cd compilation curated by Nibo [ LINE/Raster-Noton].
artists on this compilation: carsten nicolai, christophe charles, frank bretschneider, nibo, byetone, richard chartier, sachiko.m, sogar, steve roden, taylor deupree, and otomo yoshihide.

2005 August 24-28
Project Fukurow
at Jacob's Pillow Dance (USA)

This company from Tokyo makes its Pillow debut―one that will be among the most provocative of the season for its imaginative movement style and set design. The element of surprise is a main feature of this unique troupe, as dancers move from fluid state to mechanical speed, objects are not what they appear to be, and the stage takes on an atmosphere of myth and mystery.

Thursday-Saturday, 8:15pm
Saturday, 2:15pm
Sunday, 5pm


2005 July 18
Tamaru, Tagomago, 河合 拓始, Christophe Charles

2005 July 10
Mukai Chie (er-hu, voice, dance) & Christophe Charles duo
Kiss Cafe
Kichijouji, Tokyo
start 19:30

2005 July 9
場所:JAZZ喫茶「映画館」(都営三田線「白山」駅  徒歩1分)
開場:15:00 開演:15:30

2005 June 19
Taylor Deupree + Christopher Willits + 安永哲郎 trio, OPITOPE中 村としま る, Christophe Charles
at SALON by marbletron
(Suginamiku Kouenji Minami 2-14-2-2F)
organization: OPITOPE

2005 June 16
Philip Samartzis lecture + concert
Musashino Art University
5:00 PM
Entrance Free

2005 June 15
Solo, Duo, Trio by:
Philip Samartzis, Philip Brophy, Inada Kozo, Furudate Tetsuo, KK Null, Christophe Charles

Roppongi Superdeluxe
7:00 PM
2500 yens (+ 1 drink)
1500 yens for students (with ID card)

2005 June 11 & 12
Musashino Art University Open Campus 2005
Bldg#1- Hall #103
Live Art: Streaming concerts on both days (June 11 & 12) 

with Yi Won Kon (李元坤), and musicians and dancers from Dankook University (壇国大学), Korea: CHO Sang-young, KIM Sun-mi,  KIM Kyu-jong and 6 students, SON Sun-sook, BYUN Young-hwan, OH Taeg-kwan + OH Hyoung-jo, KIM Bo-gun + NAM Eun-ji + JO Jae-bum + YI Kyoung-im, YI Myung-hun

Kubota Akihiro (TAMA ART UNIVERSITY) & nu: ensemble
TANIGUCHI Akihiko 谷口 暁彦, HIGA Satoru 比嘉 了, NOGUCHI Kumiko 野口 久美子, KOJIMA Junya 小島 準矢, MORI Koichiro 森 浩一郎, INAFUKU Takanobu 稲福 孝信, YAMAGUCHI Takahiro 山口 崇洋

and MAU students:
Koyanagi Junji
Kudo Masahiro
Miikka J Junnila
Andrea Novali
Lynn Lu
Sha Kei Rei
Tomizawa Takami
Hojo Miwa
Tsuji Tetsuro
Nagao Yuichi
Takagi Mineshi
Makino Tomoya
Miyata Nariaki
Caroline Elizabeth Thake
Gabriel Peyre

coordinated by:
Christophe Charles and Koyanagi Junji

 内容:生楽器+エレクトロニクス(映像と音)やメーク(ボディペインティング)パフォーマンスによるライブコンサート。また、インターネット 上に行われ る、ストリーミング技術を使用したライブパフォーマンス。ムサビと他大学(多摩美)、2カ所をインターネット上で結び、同時に映像と音を使用したライブコ ンサート。

2005 May 27
Shinjuku Pit Inn
8:00 PM
Toyozumi Saburo (drums)
John Russel (guitar)
Nakano Kei (video)
Christophe Charles (electronics)

2005 May 20
Kai Syng Tan "Island Hopping" lecture + Collaboration concert
Tama Art University (Hashimoto Campus) information Design Bldg 2F Aura
5:00 PM

2005 April 8
PicoPico Stomachs Meet XXX
Start 19:00 / End 21:00 / 1,500yen
at SALON by marbletron (Suginamiku Kouenji Minami 2-14-2-2F)

2005, April 2
CC and Guests
Musashikoganei Art Land
Christophe Charles (electronics)
, Hojo Miwa (voice), Nagao Shuichi (electronics), Tsuji Teturou (electronics), Takagi Mineshi (electronics), etc.

2005 March 8
kazama seminar
Waseda University Gakusei Kaikan (Tokyo)
9PM-10PM concert
Christophe Charles, etc.

Eureka (seidosha) 2005 March Issue

"Post Noise"
interviews/texts by Otomo Yoshihide, Akita Masami + Boris, Kubota Akihiro, Kim Cascone, Daniel Charles, Sasaki Atsushi, Hatanaka Minoru, Taki Kentaro, Christophe Charles, etc.

2004 September 22 - January 17, 2005


Centre Pompidou, Paris
Galerie des enfants

composition "Verena" (from "Maschinelle Stratageme" compilation/ mille plateaux-ritornell version)

In bond with the exhibition Sounds and lights, of the Center Pompidou, "Gallerie des enfants" present for the first time an exhibition on "sound material" to quote Varese.

The exhibition proposes a course sensitive, ludic, a pallet of sounds through a selection of contemporary art work and listening systems and is spreading in two spaces of the  Galerie des enfants who offer two contrasted atmospheres. The space, open on the Forum, proposes a urban landscape of various
structured interiors (part, alcove, living room, boudoir, cabins) which makes it possible to the young public to play with interactive works.

2004/10/14, 4:30PM~
Otomo Yoshihide Lecture & Concert
Film Music: Listening to Noise & Silence
Musashino Art University bldg#12 1F video atelier

ICC | French Embassy - Nihon Miraikan - Keio University--- "Reactivity" Exhibition related event

Place : ICC  5F Lobby (symposium)
4F Lobby (lounge performance)

Symposium 2:00-5:30 PM
Lounge Performance 6:00-9:00PM
Tanaka Atau
Kubota Akihiro

Institute for Environmental Art & Design @ Musashino Art University

Exhibition: November 13-20 (Musashino Art University bldg#12 B1F Exhibition Hall)
November 13:
2PM~ discussions
4PM~ performances
5PM~ talk event
6PM~ party
8PM~ internet streaming concert event with Kubota Akihiro (Tama Art University) & Jerome Joy (ESA)

November 14
9:30AM ~12:00 Project presentations
1:30PM~ Kayama Rika Lecture
2:30PM~ Symposium (Art & Medecine)

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