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The Japan -Czech Association and the Japan-Slovakia Association are organizations which have been developing the basic activity that the Japan-Czechoslovakia Association, established in 1959, had been engaged in to promote civil sector exchange between Japan and then Czechoslovak Socialist Republic.

The Japan –Czechoslovakia Association had been supporting exchange activities by various civil sector organizations of cultural nature or individuals in the East –West Cold War era. But in 1989, the Cold War ended, and in 1993, Czechoslovakia was dissolved into Czech Republic and Slovak Republic(“Velvet Divorce”).The Japan-Czechoslovakia Association, thereafter, was dissolved into 2 corresponding associations as well, namely, the Japan –Czech Association and the Japan-Slovakia Association.

These 2 associations keep very close relations, namely have common secretariat and common members, and, carry out from time to time joint activities, such as

organizing language classes, lectures, seminars, cherry- blossom viewing opportunity or New Year party and do together coordination activity with other Czech or Slovak related organizations from other areas of Japan.

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