ALi M5451 Sound driver for FreeBSD

It is a driver to support audio facility of ALi M5451.

distribution: alisound.patch.gz

How to install
  1. Extract distribution.
    "alisound.patch" will be extracted.
  2. cd /usr/src
  3. patch -p3 < SOMEWHERE/alisound.patch
  4. When build in it to kernel:
    1. Add "device pcm" line to config file of kernel(see pcm(4))
    2. Rebuild kernel
    When use as lkm (loadable kernel modules):
    1. cd /usr/src/sys/modules/sound/driver/ali
    2. make && make install
    3. If you want to load it in startup, add "snd_ali_load="YES"" line to 'loader.conf'

Copyright(c) Tatsuo YOKOGAWA
Original document was written in Japanese.
Compilation to English was done by Tamotsu HATTORI.
If you have some question, please mail to Tamotsu HATTORI.