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I think the company is now called eigoTown.com Limited and it is still run by Russell Willis and it is located in EbisuNishi, Shibuya-Ku.

I worked as a Multimedia Animator and Illustrator at eigo Media in Edogawa Ku, Tokyo. I worked there from 1995 to 1999. There I took part in the making of 18 CD ROM's. The "English Alive" project involved the making of twelve CD ROM's and then the best material were put onto a widely sold disk called "English Alive Special Edition". All the Pictures here were included in that "Special Edition".

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In 1995 I did the writing and artwork to a program called "What kind of alien are you?" for English Alive 4. Later that year the Galileo Space craft proved there was no life in Jupiter's clouds So a Jupitarian can not exist. However Galileo did find much evidence for life on Europa so watch out for that one eyed Euopian knocking on you door and asking to marry your daughter!

Below, on the left, is one of the frames of my animation and rendering in "English Alive One". On the left is my illustration from the same feature.

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