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Patrick T. Connolly C. V. Page

Patrick Connolly is just finishing six years of teaching English, in junior high and elementary schools, in Chiba, Japan. He is currently available for new projects.

A Resume 0f Patrick Thomas Connolly

Patrick T. Connolly
#201 Seven Treasure, Fujimi 2-3-26, Urayasu-Shi,
Chiba Ken, Japan. 279-0043 (postal code)
Phone - 047-355-7672
E-mail - minchan@cba.att.ne.jp

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Multimedia Designer

Worked as a Multimedia Animator and Illustrator, for four years, at eigo Media in Edogawa Ku, Tokyo. Helped in the production of, language learning, software, doing animations, illustrations, sound editing, scanning (slides & flatbed), writing (articles and game content), bughunting , marketing and packaging. Worked closely with a other graphic designer and programmers in a small company, often working through the night to meet deadlines. Created a major portion of "Fred No Bouken" the CD ROM version of David Paul's "Finding Out 1" and even wrote the final master CD. Took part in producing a custom language learning software system "Power English" for the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Technology and Shioka Tendei . Helped in the installation and testing it on approximately 100 Windows and Macintosh computers at the Universities. Also composed and recorded music and sound effects using software and synthesizers and recorded voice in the recording necessary for these animations, software packages and active listening exercises.

Took part in the making of 18 CD ROMēs:

"English Alive" issues 1 to 12, "English Alive Special Edition", "Slang", "Speak", Finding Out "Fred No Bouken" (Fred's Adventure), "Listening Games With English" and, the official CD ROM for the UK '98 festival, "British Style."

Used these computer applications to help make them:

Macromedia Director 5.0, Adobe Photoshop 3.0.2, Morph 2.5, Painter 3.0, Specular LogoMotion, Adobe Premiere 4.0, CyberSound 2.00, SoundEdit16, MusicTime, Microsoft Word, Claris Works, HyperCard 2.3 ResEdit Scanners (Ofoto & HP,) and Quicktime.

Also have some expiriance with these progames; Word Perfect, QuarkXPress, Avid VideoShop 3.0.2, Performer, KPT Bryce1.0, Adobe Illustrator 5.5, ( I've used both Apple and Windows operating systems.)

-Working on independent software, from personal projects, like my family tree, to commercial ventures. These unfinished ventures are:
Phreap Phloppy English Educator - Working on a computer educational program teaching the Greek & Latin roots in English. In this game you must try avoiding Professor Waddle's classes anyway you can.
Robert Jones - Writing the other half of this web sit (and a book?) on Shakespearean Lutenist Robert Jones.
The Raving Biatrical Rider - This animation short will be made into a game. The old geek will ride his bicycle anywhere and any dimension.
Put your Bum To Work -The software version of Patrick Connolly's best selling book. A book about Zaproloski's Canadian travel, poetry & music. The soft version will feature Midi Files of the songs.
Phreap Magazine -Working on a software version of Americas best magazine.
Tama Englished - Working on translating the Japanese songs of the group Tama into English.
The Art of Patrick Connolly - Working on a personal digital portfolio.
A Genealogy Through Pets - My Family Tree - From Irish Potato faminers to a Napoleonic General.

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