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After a few self produced tapes and some vinyl records, this was Tama's first official CD Album. It featured live versions of there first single "Sayonara Humanity" / "Buffalo Head Gold Fish" and a second single "Ozone Dance" / "Waltz Oboete" was taken from it.
1. I Have No Bearings * lyric by Toshiaki Chiku
2. Organ * lyric by Toshiaki Chiku
3. Ozone Dance * lyric by Yoichiro Yanagihara
4. I'm Japan I'm Happy To Live * lyric by Kohji Takimoto
5. Floating * lyric by Yoichiro Yanagihara
6. School Will Be Late Today* lyric by Kohji Ishikawa
7. Russian Bread * lyric by Toshiaki Chiku
8. Sayonara Humanity * lyric by Yoichiro Yanagihara
9. Waltz Oboete * lyric by Kohji Takimoto
10. Buffalo Head Gold Fish * lyric by Toshiaki Chiku
11. Madam Reiko Floating In The Air * lyric by Yoichiro Yanagihara
* Tama is credited with composing all the music while the lyric writer is singled out.
Tama's song and album titles translated to English by Trick T. Olly.
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2. Organ - lyrics written by Toshiaki Chiku, music by Tama

On my death day the old man on the second floor plays an old organ kindly.
The bellows blow out calm music that the virus on my back can hear.

On my death day the sky is rapidly falling down toward me,
And the atmosphere makes me feel like I'm in a theater.
I am looking through a straw that has been put into my head
That distorted the earth to the lie of a planetarium.
Children can see the big virus sticking out, from my roof,
From our sad kindergaden's garden.

On my death day the old man on the second floor plays an old organ kindly even though,
The balloon sickness has invaded my face.
Because of puffiness a perfectly glad face I can not make.
I am unable to make a perfectly happy face.
I am unable to make a perfectly happy face.

Translated by Rie from Chiba, Tomoko Yoshikawa and Patrick Connolly 1990 and May 10, 2003

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4. In Japan I'm Happy To Live - lyrics written by Kohji Takimoto, music by Tama

Spring understanding agony
America the story of is the only topic of conversation
Childish everyday particular spend waiting A big apartment's glass door changes ..seasons changed
Father and mother fine are they? Brother healthy wondering if. inturpret (delegate of the others) I don't know why but triumphantly... Before your teih hei hei , Laughter voice of don't root out
Trouble, trouble I'm in.
Feeling? bad? season ..country..I..go south.
Long ago dead it is.
Winter is coming, winter is coming, winter is coming,
I am proud, I am proud, I am proud, I am proud,

Translated by, Tomoko Yoshikawa? and Patrick Connolly 1994? and May 10, 2003

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