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Rocket, Tama's 5th Album, was released in September of 1993. This was their last album with Yoichiro Yanagihara.
1. Sunday In Rain * lyric by Kohji Takimoto - also released as a single in September of 1993, with 'Parachute' as the 'B' side.
2. Moon Rocket * lyric by Toshiaki Chiku
3. Magical Night Of Song * lyric by Yoichiro Yanagihara - released as a single in June of 1993 with 'Ears Growing Long' as the 'B' side.
4. Jinga Is Soothed * lyric by Kohji Ishikawa - this song is also on the 'Live In New York' CD
5. Class Room * lyric by Toshiaki Chiku
6. Hammer * lyric by Yoichiro Yanagihara -this is a song Tama has been playing since 1985.
7. Telephone Pole * lyric by Toshiaki Chiku
8. Pluto * lyric by Kohji Ishikawa
9. My Rainy Day Woman * lyric by Yoichiro Yanagihara
10. In the Midnight of Me Who is Sleepless * lyric by Kohji Takimoto
11. Cold Star * lyric by Yoichiro Yanagihara

Tama's song and album titles translated to English by Trick T. Olly (with much help).
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