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Pantheon Ginza
"Pantheon Ginza," Tama's 8th Album, is a much more electric than usual. It's close to being a great album but for it's shortness
1. Pantheon Ginza - Lyrics by Kohji Takimoto
2. Shi-ru-ra of tee-ma - ? & Kohji Ishikawa &&/Takimoto/Chiku
3. The Full Moon Is A Round Banana Lyrics by Toshiaki Chiku
4. Let's Have A Draft Beer - Lyrics by Kohji Ishikawa
5. River Swimming Go Go - Lyrics by Kohji Ishikawa
6. Dazzling Stream Octopus- Lyrics by Toshiaki Chiku
7. Laughing Traffic Signal - Lyrics by Kohji Ishikawa
8. 100 mm of Rain - Lyrics by Kohji Takimoto
/Rain Man Lullaby - Lyrics by Kohji Takimoto
Tama's song and album titles translated to English by Trick T. Olly.
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