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By Tama's 3rd CD, "Cabbage,"(October 1991) most of there old songs seem to have been exhausted and this CD suffer from, too much, unpracticed new material. It's older songs like "Goodnight Wild Bore" and the hypnotic "Full Moon Ditty" (both around since 1985) where the band tightens up. The plodding"You Are The Only One" with "Fish" as a "B" side was released as Tama's 5th single in October of 1991. "Star Eater" was the first song of there 8th single which supported their "Best of Tama". CD.
1. You Are The Only One *lyric by Toshiaki Chiku
2. I Am A Helicopter *lyric by Yoichiro Yanagihara
3. Fish *lyric by Kohji Ishikawa
4. Above the Hill *lyric by Kohji Takimoto
5. Full Moon Ditty *lyric by Yoichiro Yanagihara
6. Plant Pot *lyric by Toshiaki Chiku
7. Star Eater *lyric by Kohji Takimoto
8. Tummy Full *lyric by Kohji Ishikawa
9. Goodnight Wild Bore *lyric by Toshiaki Chiku
10. Where Is The Barbershop? *lyric by Yoichiro Yanagihara
11. It Is Broken. *lyric by Kohji Takimoto

* Tama is credited with composing all the music while the lyric writer is singled out.
Tama's song and album titles were translated to English by Trick T. Olly.
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