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- A Connolly Genealogy Through Pets -

Jackie Chan (Chiba Ken, Japan. (1998))
This page is an offshoot of work on my Family Tree. I did not want to post images of my family so I thought I would post some pictures of the family pets for a start.
Sport (Durham, Grey County, Ontario, Canada - 1959)
Sport was a mutt (a mix of breeds). He always ran free. Shortly after this picture he moved to Sarnia, Ontario where he passed away in about 1961. My father was a surveyor in Sarnia, Ontario. In the early 1960s as they were building many streets they needed many names for them. Since the city plotter knew my father and liked his name he chose it to name one the streets. The winding "Connolly Drive" was named for my father not so much as an honor but because the official needed many names. Sport lived close by Connolly Drive on O'Rea Street. Connolly Drive (under construction) was, no doubt, one of his stomping grounds.

Towser (Grey County, Ontario c. 1942)
In 1861 my Connolly ancestors appeared in Glenelg Township, Grey County, Ontario, Canada. We think it likely that they fled Ireland because of the Irish potato famine of the 1850s. They were from County Rosscommon in Ireland.

Like Sport I am also a mongrel. I am a mix of mostly common ordinary people and a few extraordinary people. I am not Irish but a mix of people from different countries that fought wars against each other. I find my genealogy fascinating. My ancestors range from shoemakers to a Napoleonic General. Also, like Sport, I have always run free.

January 7, 2007.
Time goes on and I think it is time to start posting some recordes of my family but limiting it here to my great, grandfather Thomas Connolly's genaration and before.

Thomas & Ellen Connolly (c.1844 -1928); A Family History in Grey County, Ontario, Canada

I learned a little about Thomas Connolly through my family's oral history. My family says that my great, grandfather Thomas Connolly was an intelligent man and that he was of Irish origins.
He was a farmer and his farm was on Concession 7, Lot 21, which is North of Durham Road in Glenelg Township, Grey County, Ontario. My father took me out to this old family farm two or three times. Thomas Connolly married Ellen Hughes but I have not found out where or when. Finding solid evidence of Ellen Hughes parents has been my biggest stumbling bock in my genealogical studies. We know the nearby farmer Thomas Hughes was her brother. My father told me (on August 16, 1985) that his father told him 'they bought Thomas Hughes the best farm in Glenelg'. You could 'stand in the middle and see four corners'. The problem, my dad said, is that he did not know who 'they' were.

My dad knew his Great Uncle Tommy Hughes as an old man and they did not get to visit too often. Great Uncle Tommy Hughes would tell him the 'next time you visit me it will probably be my funeral'. Well, my dad got word that Tommy Hughes had died and off he went to the funeral but there was Tommy Hughes as healthy as ever but certainly in deep grief. His son Tommy Hughes Jr. who was only "in his 38th year" had "died suddenly Feb. 2 of heart trouble".
I have the obituary and it says Thos. Hughes "was born at Delay Mich. and came to Irish Lake at the age of seven years. He married Miss. Chirstena McCormick of Glenelg, who, with five sons and three daughters, survives; also his mother, who at present is critically ill with pneumonia. Surviving also are two half-brothers and two half-sisters, namely - John F. and James Hughes and Mrs. N. Sigier (Helen) of River Rouge, Mich., and Mrs. C. F. Strain (Lydia) of Brooklyn, N. Y." My grandfather his cousin was one of the pallbearers.

OK, OK, the facts do not support the story exactly but it is a good story! The obituary does not say anything about the elder Thomas Hughes surviving his son but perhaps people were expecting his mother, who was critically ill with pneumonia, to pass away and not the son who was so quickly taken. Perhaps this is my grandfathers story that was misinterpreted by my father.

I do not know Thomas Connolly's date of birth. Perhaps a close guess would be that he was born c.1844.
His age is given as 18 in the 1861 census. [= c.1843]
His age is given as 26 in 1871 census. [= c.1845]
His age is given as 30 in 1881 census. [= c.1851]
His age is given as 65 in 1901 census. (gives date of birth as July 10, 1835)
His age is given as 73 in 1911 census. (gives date of birth? as March?, 1838)

Over the last few years Census and Directories are starting to appear on the internet.
Bill Martin, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada has done extensive work to bring out many records of Ontario. His site is located at;
Directory of the County of Grey for 1865-6 includes my Great Grandfather and his father Patrick.
I am quoted it here from his Part Three;


The Township of Glenelg lies somewhat central in the County, having Holland on the north, Artemisia on the East, Egremont on the South, and Bentinck on the West. It was settled about the same time as the central and Southern Townships of Grey, viz.: about the year 1850, and received an unusual proportion of immigrants from Ireland and the Highlands of Scotland. The names of reidents will show this fact. .... In population, Glenelg stood third in the County at the Census of 1861, being set down at 3,065. The first settlements were on the several roads touching or running through the township, on which "free grants" were made by the Government. The reader is referred to "Durham," "Garafraxa", and "Toronto" Roads for further information regarding them.
Glenelg was surveyed by John Stoughton Dennis, Esq., P. L. S. in 1850. The land is generally rolling. Many of the farms are yet far from being cleared up. The Western part of the township, along the Garafraxa Road, is pretty stony, an almost universal feature on this Road but not so much so elsewhere in the township. The survey of the township, on account of the three Roads above named, shows no fewer than four "first," "second" and "third" Concessions; ....

There are Postoffices at Durham, Latona, Glascott, Pomona, and Cornabuss. There are three Sawmills on the "Rocky Saugeen", Travis's, Rowswell's, and Chaffey's.

Census Reports.-Occupiers of land in 1861, 486; of whom 141 held from 50 to 100 acres each, and 330 from 100 to 200 acres each. Acres under cultivation, 11,677. Spring Wheat, 56,590 bushels. Barley, 1,095 bushels. Pease, 7,025 bushels. Oats, 32,961 bushels. Potatoes, 54,454 bushels. Turnips, 121,370 bushels. Hay, 1,476 tons. Maple Sugar, 11,321 lbs. Wool 5,306 lbs. Butter, 40,230 lbs. Cheese, 1,527 lbs.

North of Durham Road.
- - - - - - - - - - - - Con. - Lot
Connelly, Patrick - 7 - 21
Connelly, Thomas - 7 - 21

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