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Six Unfinished Projects

  • Introduction

  • 1. Robert Jones - Links to the site

  • 2. Phreap Phloppy English Educator

  • 3. The Raving Biatrical Rider

  • 4. Put your Bum To Work - Links to the site

  • 5. The Art of Patrick Connolly - Links to the sites

  • 6. Family Tree


    Here are six projects that have been in the works for a long time.
    This is my first attempt at a web page and it is still Unfinished. This file was started on January 28, 1998. It was first posted in about the year 2000 & updated on May 3, 2002. Since then some projects have moved ahead while others have not been touched in years. This page remains the only page on Phreap Phloppy English Educator and Phreap 19?, 'The Raving Biatrical Rider'.

    I have been working on independent software projects, from personal projects like my family tree to commercial ventures.

    Updated on May 3, 2002, May 13, 14, 28 & 29, 2011 & posted on May 29, 2011.

    Project 1

    Lutenist and Thespian Robert Jones

    -Even thought there are books on his contemporaries, John Dowland and Thomas Campion, there is, as far as I know, no biographies written on this important English Musician. Thus I have been writing the book/web site on Shakespearean Lutenist/Thespian, Robert Jones.

    Jones published six books of airs and madrigals, composing well over 100 songs. Recently the Music Britannica has been publishing his full scores and there was a CD by A. Rooley & E. Kirkby released in 1991.

    A few on Jones's songs probably were from lyrics by Wm. Shakespeare whom he no doubt knew. For the last 20 years I have been studying this musician. I face a great deal of work in writing, typing, making Standard Midi Files, and even some performing.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    On December 27, 2001, I posted the Robert Jones / Philip Rossetter site, to celebrate the 400 year anniversary of their 1601 books.

    Some of the features of this 'Robert Jones, Philip Rosseter Web Site' are;

    - The Complete Works Of Robert Jones - This comprehensive list of the compositions of Robert Jones that can be found nowhere else in the world. It now lists 136 pieces set by Robert Jones.

    - The life of Robert Jones

    - A facsimile of Robert Jones's hand writing - Robert Jones, in his own hand wrote a song to the text of a poem in a 'A Poetical Rhapsodie' called "The love of change hath changed the world throughout."

    - Pages on Robert Jones's 'The First Booke of Songes and Ayres' (1600). (Still a lot of work to do.)

    - Pages on Robert Jones's 'The Second Booke of Songs and Ayres' (1601). (Just a start and still a lot of work to do.)

    - Pages cataloging information about Robert Jones's 'Ultimun Vale or The Third Booke of Ayres' (1605).

    - 2009 was the 400 year anniversary of Jones' A Musical Dreame or the Fourth Booke of Ayres 1609 and in cerebration of this anniversary of publication - I did some work on some of my web pages and I also played and recorded some of its music. Some of these recordings were embedded on this site from SoundClick. to 'Part 1 - Title, Dedication & To the Reader, Airs I to II. [+Part 2 & 3 Airs III to XI] & discography

    - 2010 was the 400 year anniversary of Robert Jones's 5th (& last) booke, The muses gardin for delights or fifth booke of ayers, 1610. In celebration I recorded a handful of song and updated my web pages for this book.

    The Thomas Campion page of the site, with all its links, .

    Project 2

    Phreap Phloppy English Educator

    -I have been working on a computer educational program teaching the Greek & Latin roots in English. In this game you must try avoiding Professor Waddle¼s classes anyway you can.

    For four years, in the mid to late 1990s, I worked at eigoMedia, a Multimedia company as an animator, Illustrator and other things. I took part in producing language learning software systems.

    I owned some cartoons and pictures that were not used there and so these were the starting point of this project.

    See artwork done at eigo Media




    Project 3

    The Raving Biatrical Rider

    This may be 'Phreap 19'.

    To get my drawing in shape to work on 'Nilus the Sandman: The Boy who Dreamed Christmas' I started work on this animation short that has never been finished.

    -This animation short may be made into a game. The old geek will ride his bicycle anywhere and any dimension.

    In 2007 & 2008 I wrote out the music to song #50, Rally Ride (The Mad Biatrical Rider) which is to be the music to the film.






    Project 4

    Put your Bum To Work

    -The software version of Patrick Connolly¼s best selling book. The soft version will feature Midi Files of the songs.

    This may be 'Phreap 17?' - 1989.
    Put Your Bum to Work
    "Put Your Bum To Work" is a book of songs done up like Shakespearean period lute song book. The project started in Vancouver and is sometimes called book "Put Your Bum To Work in Vancouver" The new version will still contain "You Won't like Most of It " songs.

    Click on and "Put Your Bum To Work" with the software version of his best selling book.


    Another original compositions 'Closet People' can be found at;


    Project 5


  • The Art of Patrick T. Connolly

    -I have been working on a personal digital portfolio. This is to prove I am Canada's greatest artist

    | I have not gotten to far.

    Go to Trick T. Olly's Portfolio

    See artwork done at eigo Media
    See Animation Portfolio




    Project 6


    Family Tree

    -From Irish Potato faminers to Napoleonic Generals this project has no end.

    Some of the more personal stuff has gone into a little Genealogy. goes to - - Our Cats & Dogs;


    Jackie - Min - Gasper - Milk - Pud - Dixie - Sport - Towser



    Learn about the Care Bears.
    Go see a feature on an unusual Japanese music group called 'Tama',Tama Englished
    Click to our favorite guitarist - Ryuji Fujihara, a luminary of the Tokyo area blues scene.